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I visit this walgreens regulary, overall the employees arenot friendly includind the Male manager last name Havlik i believe, however Cindy who is a manger also is always pleasant, on thursday february 4th, 2010 i entered this store and i asked the person at fron t register to please call someone to unlock the crest white strips..and so she did her name was Dianna, so once i reached the section where the crest white strips were i stood and waited for an employee, employee by the name of Linda showed up but decide to help a white woman instead of me and left me standing by the counter ..i said to her i called for you please unlock the counter so i can get whitesstrips..she replied you will have to just wait very nastily an loud!!!i'm helping the other person first it was clear she understood the call was for me...see it's the attitude of Linda tha really offended me she was rude unprofessional and not she was helping white woman she walked right passed me she could have simply and quickly unlocked the window so i could get the strips and continued to help the elderly woman as i had stood there for at least 4 minutes and waitined I told Linda
she needed to come and unlock this section so i can get what i needed as i had been standing and I was the one to call for her, SHE REPLIED SCREAMING SINCE YOUR INA HURRY HERE GET WHAT YOU NEED!!!SHE ALMOST SLAMMED THE DOOR ON MY FINGERS AS I REACHED IN TO REMOVE THE BOX OF STRIPS. as i was leaving I saw her run to the manager...i refused to go to him and complain...I don't feel any results would have become of complaining with him as he is very unfriendly as well towards Black Americans. i will pursue this complaint as far as i can. it's clear this woman Linda has severe anger issue and racism
issue. I shop a great deal at this walgreens and plan to continue...but I will be treated fairly and respectfully as everyone of any color/race should.

The pharmacy has gotten better not reciting my name address and medicine when i go to pick up my medicine...this is a privacy issue...people hearing where you live your name and your medicine so i simply show my I.D. and i have asked them not to verbally annouce my personal business. for the most part they don't however there are few times they still do it. Hippa...does walgreens understand this and should they look at this Law and Apply it in the pharmacy area??

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  • Jl
      19th of Feb, 2010

    I hope the crest white strips brightened up your teeth nice and white because unless you people smile in the dark we can't see you.
    Also if you don't want people knowing you have herpes then don't post to these sites.

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  • On
      11th of Mar, 2010

    So ###ing funny how you jump to the conclusion she is racist! Ugh...

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  • Ja
      29th of Nov, 2010

    I'm tired of hearing "It's cuz I'm black" Ya allz is stupid. Go to Popeye's and eat your chicken and crawfish.

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