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Wachovia Bank / rip off

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I too have been victimized by Wachovia's devious method of posting the largest amount before the smaller transaction amount. Wachovia's excuse is always that the larger transaction amount could be your mortgage or car payment and the importance of those payments justify this backwards policy. In reality we all know the reason for this policy. It is to simply maximize the overdraft fees to take full advantage of the customer's mistakes, just another way of nickel and diming the little guy to death.

It also wrong for Wachovia to take the check card purchases and hold them in some electronic netherworld where they can float and linger until the bank decides these charges can now be subtracted from your account. Without any way for the customer to know which of these charges came in first and when exactly they will be deducted this creates confusion which can result in multiple overdrafts. They are masters of this deceptive practice!

I am willing to join anyone who is involved in formulating a class action suit against Wachovia. I strongly encourage others to join in this action.

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  • Va
      22nd of Aug, 2008
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    I can't believe these jerks. Back in February, I opened a 2nd account with Wachovia. I received a check/debit card. I used the card in Arizona on vacation. When I returned home, the wife and I went to dinner, and I tried using my old card for the 1st account. It was denied. I called the bank, and they said it was expired. I said, no, it isn't. They said oh, well, I see it doesn't expire for another 3 years, so we will re-activate it.

    Went to use it again, it was denied. It took me 8 calls to Wachovia to finally get the problem fixed. It turns out that since I used the new card on the 2nd account, it automatically deactivated the card on the old account. They couldn't explain why, it just did. So they corrected the problem. I decided to cancel the account and go to a credit union, where this crap just doesn't happen. I let the account dwindle down, but I knew exactly how much money was in there to cover pending charges.

    Meanwhile, because of the card screw-up, Wachovia decided to charge me $8.00 in SERVICE FEES for CALLING THEM!! I had $220.84 in debits clearing my account. I should have had 220.96 in the account, but because of the 8.00 service fee, I got dinged for an overdraft AND an Non-Available Funds (overlimit) fee, totaling $70.00.

    I called them, and the supervisor said she will refund one of the fees, because I didn't have enough in the account to cover both transactions. I said go ahead. But after taking the time after work to actually count the money, it turns out I did have plenty of money to cover the debits, with .12 left over.

    I call them back, and say, hey, you made a mistake and I want the other fee refunded. This idiot supervisor says, no, she can't do that because they already gave me a COURTESY refund!! WHAT??? They screwed up, I didn't overdraw my account and they are not going to refund my money for their mistake??? All she kept saying, like a broken record, was since they already gave me a refund of half, then I am not entitled to the other half of MY MONEY. These people have the IQ of a d**n rock. Look up stupid in the dictionary, it says 'See Wachovia'. I wish I had been there when she said that to me, I've never hit a woman in my life, but I would've b**ch-slapped that stupid c**t across the room!

    It's not over. I will get my money back.

  • No
      20th of Sep, 2008
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    im ready to file suit, contact me on my email

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