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VPI Pet Insurance / Fraud

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I am having trouble getting a response from VPI. Been over 2 months and not any word from them pertaining to my pug's two surgeries.. She had no pre-existing conditions, and her records reflect such. I can't even afford to get her third chemo treatment b/c they haven't paid.

I would suggest that based upon the substantial number of complaints, that the members of this forum go online at and file a fraud complaint. That is exactly what they are perpetuating is fraud, mail fraud, a violation of 18USC1341, in addition to other CIVIL statutes (Title 15, USC). Make a complaint to the Internet Crime complaint Center (IC3) and also make one with the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC can impose civil penalties, while the IC3 can refer criminal matters to the FBI and US Postal Inspection Service. In addition, be sure to file similar complaints with the State of California Insurance Commission and the Better Business Bureau. The fraud relates to taking payments based upon a contract and not providing services. Be specific in your complaint and you must be sure that you articulate where the fraud is "i.e., my contract says 'xxxxx' is covered without pre-existing conditions. This was substantiated by medical records provided as proof. Despite this, VPI is refusing to pay, in violation of their contract." Don't just say "they only paid $XXX, and this isn't fair."

Hope this helps... this is fraud what they are doing... especially the charging of individuals after they cancel contracts and just taking folks' money. I hope they get sanctioned/fined.

Good luck.

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  • La
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    I have submitted 2 claims to VPI since obtaining insurance in October of 2008. The company has had all of the necessary information relating to my claims for over 60 days. They initially submitted a temporary denial sighting their need to review past records. Today they are claiming a "pre-existing condition" on my policy stating that the veterinarian noted this on my pet's records.

    The vet has no record of this notation, nor do I. It is evident that this company is fraudulently altering records in order to reject claims.

    IT IS A TOTAL SCAM. Do NOT make the same mistake I made. I have since cancelled my policy.

  • Vp
      5th of May, 2009
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    I have VPI rip off insurance on 3 dogs. They have been giving me the run around on one of my dogs. She is 7 yrs old. After making me track down every note from every vet she has ever seen just to get the approval. They are now denying her claims. I have been dealing with this for over 3 months now!!! I was actually told on the phone by a customer service rep ( that in itself is a laguh) that because she had issues so soon after the policy was given that they are making it hard on me in hopes I will give up because they do not want to pay the claims!! They are now making up conditions she does not even have to get out of paying. They are telling me I need to get a vet to write a letter stating she does not have the condition they are refering too.. which is a joke because she does not have it in the first place. DO NOT GET THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE NO JOB AND ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO SPEND ON THE PHONE GETTING THE RUN AROUND AND STILL NOT GET A CLAIM PAID. I think I have spent more money in time and effort than if I did not even have the VPI RIP OFF INSURANCE!!!

  • Ab
      19th of Sep, 2009
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    As with all insurance plans, people or animal. The first thing they do is deny your claim. That way they get rid of 90% of claims as most people accept it.

    Fax insurance co a letter stating that you want your perfectly good claim paid right away, and if they refuse to pay the claim they owe you, you will sue them in your local small Claims Court. Because you paid for the policy where you live, the case will be done at your local Small Claims Court and the Insurance Co will be required to travel for the court date.

    Usually your phone will ring right away, and the Claim Agent will tell you your check is in the mail.

    We did this to VPI and they call first thing 8am in the morning, said they will mail the check, even though they had been sending us letters denying the claim. Once we told them we would sue them in our Small Claims Court, they decided to pay the claim, because they knew it was a claim and they would loose in court.

    If they don't arrive at the court, the judge will review your case, and mostly likely you will win. If they do come to fight you in court, state your case with all your records, proof of monthly payments to your insurance plan, insurance plan, etc.

    Then if the insurance company does not pay you, even though you won, you can call the Small Claims Court to file a Rit of Execution, where you will ask the court what to file, to get the money removed from their bank account and given to you. It may be different in different states, so call your Local Small Claims Court.

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