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VitaGlo / Overcharged, rude service, refund promised never sent.

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Mike Schwartz was very rude on the phone and I was a loyal customer. I was overcharged and when I spoke to him about it he indicated that he would refund me but calls back went to voice mail and I never got anything back. Also one bottle was deformed and looked like the label was scraped off a little and the product smelled like it was old.

When I talked to the company about it his reply was rude saying "some bottles look like that" and there is "nothing wrong with the bottle". I will never order from Vitaglo again.

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  • Th
      1st of May, 2009
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    I would agree 100 %. I called Champion Juicer and was given two distributors, Acme Equipment ( and VitoGlo ( Called VitoGlo the sales man was rude, he said he didn't have time for my questions and go website place order. I asked to speak to the manager he said he was the manager/owner and then hung up on me. I called Champion to file report they said they would no longer recommend people to them. Called Acme Equipment they were great gave the Juicer to me at the price VitoGlo and they had time for my questions. When will corporations realize that customer service is everything.

  • Fe
      8th of May, 2009
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    Could not agree more. Rude, didn't ship merchandise when they said they had, never received merchandise, and had to go through AmEx to get a refund (they said they would issue a credit but never did). Beware.

  • Au
      27th of May, 2009
    0 Votes - Rude Service
    United States

    I submitted an order online, did not receive it and after 2 weeks later, sent an email as instructed in my order confirmation email inquiring as to when it was/would be shipped. I did not get a response to my email, and after 5 days of waiting to hear, I finally called VitaGlo. I did not get the name of the man I spoke with, but he was the most rude person I have ever talked with. He said it had not gone out, mumbled some jibberish that I couldn't understand, and said it would be sent today. I was simply calling to find out status of my order and inquire as to why my email wasn't responded to, and he told me that they don't take complaints and that I had called an information-line only. To that I said I was not filing a complaint, but rather inquiring as to my order that I had placed. I told him that I no longer wanted to speak with him but to transfer me to the person that could handle this more appropriately and he said there wasn't anyone else, that he was the owner. I told him that he then takes ALL calls, complaints, information, whatever. He once again informed me that they don't take complaints (they must get them a lot). While I was talking, and in mid-sentence, he put me on hold to take another call, and when he came back on the line answered "hello" like I was a new call. I told him it was still me and he said "what do you need?" very rudely. I told him I was not happy with how rudely he was treating me and he said he wasn't being rude (I beg to differ). I also told him that I had never spoken with anyone so rude in my life and that I would never recommend their website to anyone ever again, nor would I personally purchase from them. He didn't seem a bit bothered by that. One thing to note in this entire phone conversation was that he was very short with me, and was trying to rush me off the phone the entire time, which I pointed out to him, and he denied. After getting off the phone, my husband looked up complaints online and we have found so many...I am honestly never going to purchase from them again and would warn anyone that does that you will not be treated like a paying customer if you have to call in for any reason.

  • Qu
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    Agreed!!! I cannot believe that a business man / owner treats people the way he does. In a nut shell, we called to return an item that was recalled (Hydroxycut). When we tried to ask for a refund, Mike rudely told my wife that there was no recall and Vitaglo wasn't doing anything about it and to call Hydroxycut and he hung up on my wife - twice. The company that makes Hydroxycut says all returns should be honored and handled by the company that sold the product. I then called Mike back and informed him of this and he hung on me... I contacted the BBB and filed a complaint, which you should do as well so it gets noted that this guy is a poor business man!

  • Mr
      16th of Nov, 2009
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    Vitaglo was reliable at one time but not any more. I have been a customer for well over 7 years and they are now working really hard to get rid of all their customers. The customer service staff is rude, they charge purchases long befroe shipment, they don't know when orders have shipped, no idea when back orders will be filled...which hold up the shipment of the entire order.

    All I can say is that I will gladly do what they want -- NEVER GIVE THEM MY BUSINESS AGAIN. No other explanation makes any sense.

    VitaCost and vitamaker will get my business from here on in. I hope they enjoy unemployment in Syracuse.

  • Gh
      3rd of May, 2010
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    yes, i've had my problems with Mike also, and was a long time customer, who spendt a substansial amount of $$$, but I have never been short changed. and you do have to watch the experation dates. don't know what his problem is, but her might be "bipolar". signed, aware

  • Lu
      26th of Jun, 2010
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    VitaGlo - Correct billing but not what is in the box
    United States

    I received order today . All was fine but the emergen-c that i ordered.. Someone put 1000mg of vitamin C emergen-c when it was clearly marked on order, 1000mg of MSM in emergen-c. 4 boxes and they are all wrong!!! i have been a customer for years and i hope this is a freak of nature since never had a problem before this order. what to do? waiting for reply thanks steve kessler i don't want to spend the time sending back these boxes but i may have to do it.. to much time involve waiting to weeks for the order to get to you and 2 more weeks for it to come back. maybe you can offer me what i wanted for a discount and no shipping charge??

  • Ch
      26th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes - Atrocious Customer Service
    New York
    United States

    This is the email I sent today:

    I placed this order on 10-17 asking that it be shipped to my work address. On 10-18 I was laid-off. I called that evening and spoke to Mike to ask that the order be redirected to my home, while I still have one. He was very brusque with me and assured me it would be no problem. The order also indicated I would recieve it within 10 days.

    Today, 10-26, 8 days later, I recieved a robo-email telling me my order is being shipped--to my work address!
    I called, spoke to some man, probably Mike based on his atrocious telephone manner, tried to explain the situation. He interrupted me, then hung up on me! I repeat, HE HUNG UP ON ME!

    Furthermore, my credit card was charged for the order on 10-18. It is ILLEGAL to charge for merchansdise before it is shipped! If you think I'm going to do business with a company that treats it's customers like that, you are out of your ###ing minds. Cancel the order. Call UPS and have the package redirected. I am disputing the charges on my credit card and taking my business elsewhere.

    And I will placing bad reveiws of your company on every internet site I can find.

    Wish I had read this site first.

  • Jc
      28th of Oct, 2010
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    After buying from VitaGlo for many years without incident, I finally had the misfortune of experiencing what so many others here have reported. My most recent order, also my last ever, was shipped with one item being substituted for another that had been ordered. The replacement contained chocolate and nuts which was a problem due to an allergy. I called to inquire about the switch and was informed that the item order was no longer being made, so they switched it. I mentioned the allergy issue, asked why the original item was still listed on the website if it was not available and why I was not contacted before the substitution was made. The response was: "Yeah, Yeah, everything is our fault. Do whatever you want with it. Throw it away if you don't want it. Bye." And he hung up.

    This call was fairly early in the morning, so I doubt the "he was having a bad day" excuse applies here. After reading some of the other posts, I know that this was just business as usually for this place. Stay away!

  • Ms
      4th of Jan, 2011
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    VitaGlo - Worst customer service
    United States

    I've been ordering from Vitaglo for a long time. They've consistently had good prices on necessary health food items. Today, however, I called to ask about an overdue expiration date on something I ordered, and was met with yelling, obscenely rude customer service from Mike. He did not help me, told me to call the manufacturer myself, and was argumentative from the very beginning. I told him it was his responsibility to contact the supplier as they shouldn't be selling expired goods. He met with rage and ended up hanging up on me. I don't know how they don't get rid of this guy, he is ruining this business and pushing customers elsewhere, as seen by the posts here. Do not shop here!

  • De
      25th of Jan, 2011
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    VitaGlo - Worst online store ever
    United States

    About 7 days ago I made an order for 8 boxes of tea from this store and I received an order confirmation via email right away. When 4 days later I could no see an order status nor tracking number, I called the story and they said they'd investigate the issue and call me back. I never heard back. So I emailed them. Again, no response. I send a 2nd email and finally today receive a reply that this product is no longer in stock. By now this product has disappeared from other online stores as well so I can't get it for a good price anywhere and all because they couldn't keep track of what they have in store or AT LEAST inform me of that before I made THREE attempts to reach them. And at no point in the process they said a simple "we are sorry" for the inconvenience. DO NOT USE THIS STORE!

  • Ve
      26th of Jun, 2011
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    VitaGlo - Late shipment, rude customer service
    United States

    I placed a 60.00 order online May 21, 2011. The website says you should receive your order in 10 business days. They charged my credit card on the May 24. Twelve days later I called to ask about my order and the man was rude and abrupt on the phone. I hung up to call back and he was rude and abrupt again, when I asked to speak to a manager he said he was the owner. He told me he would not talk to me and for me to email them:. Then he said I was rude and he would talk to me if I apologized.. Finally I apologized so I could find out about my order and he said it shipped priority on Friday and I should have it by Wednesday?. We'll see?. I hope they don't send me anything out of date|. I ordered protein powder that goes rancid if it's old;. I agree about the BBB". They are putting false advertising on their website about shipping.

  • St
      16th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes - No comments (In a bad way)
    United States

    I recently placed an order with Unfortunately I didn’t receive what I had originally ordered. And on top of that it came late! This company is a joke.

    When I finally opened the package, the safety seals were broken or never there to begin with. How do inside seals break during shipment????? They don’t! But I get blamed for causing that because I somehow got inside the box while in transit to break the seals and then act surprised when I received them weeks later.

    I talked to the owner, who was super rude to me, he told me that I could ship them back to get what I ordered. I refused to pay shipping fees because it wasn’t my fault they were broken and it wasn’t what I ordered. On the website it read that they would pay for wrong shipments of products. Complete lie apparently.

    Don’t be fulled by the great prices they offer. I proceeded to call customer service again, got the run around a second time. Finally asked for a manager, and when told they didn’t have one the service guy hung up on me! HE HUNG UP ON ME! I called a couple days later hoping for someone more competent. Hopes were shattered quickly.

    This guy is completely and utterly rude and unorganized. You can’t run a company without a customer service rep with good skills. The money lost would be through the roof. I’m so outraged by this whole company. Never again will I ever buy from Vitaglo.

  • Ip
      5th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes - Hung up on buyer after the third query
    United States

    BAIT & SWITCH SCAM -- ARBITRARILY CANCELS HEAVY ORDERS --- Here's my transcript to BBB. If the seller hadnt been so MEAN, i would've simply ended years of shopping there.
    "Seller confirmed 4 transactions online on 9/16/2012, yet fulfilled only 1. Seller emailed buyer stating one of the three unfulfilled orders had been cancelled; but failed to alert buyer to cancellation of the other two. Buyer contacted seller by phone. Seller stated, "THAT'S STUPID" after buyer explained all 4 orders were placed separately to expedite shipping per the online terms. Buyer stated, "i cant make a profit on shipping heavy items." Buyer asked seller 3 times why such items were offered on the website with free shipping. Seller increased speaking volume and stated twice, " ARE YOU FIGHTING WITH ME?" after my 2 queries, then hung up on buyer after the third query.

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