Virgin Mobile USAbroadband2go is a scam!

I Warren, NJ Review updated:

We bought an Overdrive Pro device from Virgin Mobile's Broadband 2 Go 3G/4G Internet service, and discovered it was a complete waste of $200+ dollars! The first month is worked great, although the speed wasn't the greatest, it got the job done. We bought a $55 top-up card when the new month started and continued using it; one week into the second month the device BROKE! I turned it on, and it couldn't find a wi-fi signal with Virgin Mobile (Sprint's) cell phone towers. I called Customer Service, and a rep informed me it was due to an outage in our area! This continued on for three more days, NO INTERNET ACCESS WHATSOEVER! When I tweeted them on Twitter asking about an outage, they said there were none. I was told two different things by phone support and social media about confusing and unhelpful!

Four days later, with no Internet I was getting desperate! I called again, and the rep told me, after some research into my device's activation settings that the Overdrive Pro WAS DEFECTIVE - OF WHICH WE WASTED $150 ON!! She said we'd need to return the device to the point of purchase to get a refund. NO WAY! So basically, we'd walk away with no refunds or anything...

I called and left a message at Virgin Mobile USA's corporate office direct phone number. The next Monday I got a call, saying they'd refund me $55 in check form and I'll receive it in 4-6 weeks. THANK GOODNESS!

Bottom Line: DO NOT USE VIRGIN MOBILE, they sell defective products and the customer service isn't very helpful, either. These folks (Sprint, ) obviously do not care about the customer. But, they are refunding me $55 dollars, so I do credit them and thank them for that! But, avoid this hassle and failure of a company. If you need Internet, go with your local phone company or another ISP. Virgin Mobile and Sprint ONLY WANT MONEY, and could care less about their customers, especially since they're selling DEFECTIVE DEVICES...THIS IS A SCAM, using the "bait and switch" technique. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!

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