VIP TravelMisrepresentation

On 3/20/08 we went to a VIP Travel presentation in Birmingham, AL which we could not attend due to them overbooking it, but we were still entitled to their "Wings" vacation. This certificate specifically indicates Wings - This certificate provides two adults with Two Round-Trip airfares from the major airport nearest your home to any other major city in the continental U.S! So we followed the instructions and mailed in the certificate. They send it to a company called CMI who we paid the $55 redemption fee. CMI sends it to PTS Travel who we paid $4.95 to receive our Passport to Travel Certificates which indicates that they do not fly out of Birmingham, AL. which is our nearest major airport and the presentation was held in Birmingham, AL. I have been in constant contact with both VIP Travel and CMI requesting the refund of our $55 due to the misrepresentation. VIP Travel not longer answers their phone and CMI now indicates that they don't do business with VIP Travel. Although their emails to me indicate differently. These 3 so called travel agencies are all incahoots to scam honest people. How can I get my redemption fee refunded. I know I have not lost as much as others and I understand the lost and fustration of being taken. Another scam not to get caught up it is the Ramada Plaza Resort "Gold Key" beach front resort and cruise in Ft. Lauderdale. My husband and I are trying to get our money back on that. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

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