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Please be aware of Vintage Sphynx cattery, it's a kitten mill, they buy kittens from other breeders and post them for sale online on hoobly and other websites targeting US market. How do i know? Because out of 12 bambino sphynx kittens that they posted for sale on their website 9 of them have different date of birth. No legit breeder can have 9 litters of bambino sphynx cats in 5 month, in addition they have elf sphynx and regular sphynx posted for sale.
Also their website has TICA logo on it, but their kittens are not TICA registered, as well as they have VISA and MASTERCARD logos on their website which is false advertising since they only accept payments via wire transfer or paypal which gives you 0 protection against scam. Very sketchy transaction.. Anyways, besides nice pictures there is noting to fall for, stay away!

Jan 29, 2019
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  • Li
      Apr 20, 2019
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    Hello everyone!
    My name is Lydia, I am a breeder of Vintage Cattery.

    It is a pity that this person did not indicate his name. Apparently she / he has something to hide.

    We have a very large cattery. We have more than 20 producers, their pictures you can always find on our website.
    Also in our cattery 10 employees. Therefore, we can allow to have a large number of litters, even more than 15 kittens in 5 months. The person who wrote the review above has obviously never seen more than one producer and does not know what a real cattery is.

    Let me tell you about Vintage Cattery.

    Our cattery was founded in 2007.
    Since then we have shipped more than 100 kittens to the U.S.
    Some of them you can see here:

    By the way, join us on Facebook.

    All our producers have good health and are tested every year, including HCM
    We give one year genetic health guarantee.
    Also we provide the guarantee for the kitten replacement in case of a positive diagnosis of the animal for HCM at the age of 1 year.

    References from our US buyers available upon request

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  • Kr
      May 06, 2019

    I have 3 very healthy happy cats from Vintage!!! Working with them has been a pleasure and the whole process went very smoothly!
    There are two ladies that work closely together at Vintage. Between two households, it is easy to have several litters at once.
    Not sure what the point this poster is trying to make but my experience, this “complaint” is completely false!

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  • Al
      May 06, 2019

    I just purchased a 4 month old bambino from Vintage Cattery on April 24th and I picked her up from the airport on May 3rd. I found the entire process to be extremely easy and communication from the Cattery to be excellent. The kitten is healthy and well socialized - I could not have asked for a better experience. Additionally Vintage is more than happy to provide you with references from prior buyers so you can hear first hand experiences.

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  • St
      May 08, 2019

    We recently purchased two kittens from Vintage in February 2019 (one sphynx, one bambino). Both kittens are extremely social and very healthy. The entire process was very easy and Vintage was always available to answer any of my questions promptly. We were given references. Vintage was very knowledgeable about the entire process of shipping the kittens overseas. The kittens came with health certificates and pedigrees as promised and I have been able to register both of my kittens with TICA. They provided me with HCM scans of both of their parents, photos of their parents, and videos of the kittens. Once the kittens travel was booked I was given their flight information and was able to track them.

    They have multiple kings and queens which is why they are able to have multiple kittens with different dates of birth as they have multiple litters. They also are able to have sphynx, elf, and bambino kittens because they have those varieties as kings and queens. Their Cattery name is registered with TICA which is why they have the TICA logo. Like i said, I had no problems registering my kittens with TICA with the pedigrees and certificates I was given.

    I am happy to be a US reference for them and I’m looking forward to getting another kitten from Vintage in the future !

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  • Ba
      May 14, 2019

    I researched this Cattery extensively prior to purchase. I was cautious about using western union, until I learned why they use this method. Vintage Cattery has been scammed by people who have purchased their cats via other methods and then retrieved the payment after receiving the cat. I believe one person actually stole 5 cats from them by using PayPal and reporting the transactions after receiving the cats.

    Through research, I found many positive references and could not find any bad information about the Cattery, and so I took the plunge.

    I have now purchased 4 cats from vintage: 1 bambino, 3 regular sphynx (one for my mother). Whilst purchasing my first kitten (Bam Bam), I actually picked up and transported another kitten for a lady in my state (Ohio). During this pick up (at Dulles international), I met a man who was purchasing his fifth cat from vintage!

    From owning 4 of their cats and having spoken to numerous individuals who also own their cats, I don’t have a single bad thing to say about this Cattery.

    The health of my cats is perfect. Their personalities are exceptional! You could not ask for more loving and socialized babies. You don’t get cats this well balanced from somebody who is not taking care of them properly. They are outstanding.
    I stand behind this Cattery and wouldn’t go anywhere else. There are a lot of dirty breeders out there, vintage is not one of them.

    My email or phone number can be obtained through the Cattery and used as reference to anybody considering purchasing who wants a true and honest review.

    Julie, Ohio USA

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  • Ma
      Aug 22, 2019

    I have purchased 3 cats from Vintage. 2 sphynx a year ago, and 1 Elf recently. Nothing but great cats, no health issues, all paperwork included. I work law enforcement in my county, and did my homework. They use me as a reference. I have 2 local cats I bought, they do not compare to Vintage! I'm buying another Elf or Dwelf soon from them again.

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  • Ma
      Aug 22, 2019

    I bought a 9 month old bambino sphynx from Vintage Cattery at the beginning of August, and I received him on the 18th! Elena and Antonio, the owners, are super helpful and make the entire process super simple. They respond quickly with all of the answers to your questions or any info you may need. I even received a photo of my baby in his carrier at the airport! He visited the vet today and is a healthy, happy boy. I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend buying from the Vintage Cattery if you are interested in bringing a sphynx into your life. They are such adorable, loving animals.

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  • Ta
      Aug 25, 2019

    We purchased an Elf and a Sphynx from Lydia at Vintage Cattery in the summer of 2019. Purchasing from overseas was a new experience for us. Lydia was very knowledgeable and walked us through the entire process. She always had time to answer our many questions. The kittens arrived alert and healthy. They are well socialized and very affectionate. They are a great fit for our family.

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  • Cj
      Aug 26, 2019

    I had a great experience with Vintage. Sure, buying online from across the world is scary, but it all went smoothly.

    They kept me posted on the flight, sent pics of her before, and even checked in to make sure I picked her up. Her travel crate was super nice and soft and they made sure she had plenty of food and water.

    My kitten is well socialized and an angel. At her first vet check, my vet made several comments about how healthy she was and that she came from a place that really cared.

    If I get another kitten in the future, I will definitely use Vintage.

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  • Qu
      Sep 03, 2019

    Vintage Cattery were there for me after my fire. They are very professional, respond promptly, very considerate of what I have been through and through them I got my Vintage King Zeus. Our baby boy kitten is very vibrant, handsome, very energetic, and most importantly very healthy. He bought us a lot of joy in our lives. I will buy again from Vintage Cattery in the future. Here is our baby kitten just before his bath ...

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