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I was a patient of Village Podiatry Group . Between July 13, 2006 and November 11, 2006. My condition is congenital, and has bothered me my entire life. When I was referred to this organization by my family practitioner. I was havening severe pain in my feet and in my knees. The pain, and resulting impact on my gait caused arthritis in my knees. On my first visit the doctor recommended shoe inserts, which I purchased with the assistance carrier. The doctor stated I should try these inserts at first, and then have surgery if necessary. Then the doctor recommended a consult with a fellow surgeon apart of the same medical group. They both agreed that surgery was my alternative. There were delays in finding a hospital to do the surgery, and I was in increasing pain, and I was rudely treated by a scheduling nurse who advised me that she was "to busy" and that I should "just wait". Her demeanor was degrading, insulting and unprofessional. After waiting a month I was told that further months of long delay would be required, and I was forced to engage a new doctor from a different medical group, who immediately began physical therapy for the pain. My new physician has already operated on my right foot, and when it is healed will operate on the left foot. My treatment at the hand of Village Podiatry Group has been unprofessional, and, in my lay opinion constitutes malpractice.

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  • Ph
      Sep 24, 2009

    I too have had problems with Village Podiatry Group in the greater Atlanta area.

    After seeing Dr. Mark Snyder for an ingrown toenail he recommended orthotic inserts for my shoes. I was given a paper to sign that said the maximum to be paid for the orthotic inserts would be $400.00. A person at the office called my insurance prior to the fitting and I was told that the orthotics would be covered by my insurance.

    I paid $240 out of pocket for the orthotics. The insurance was billed $950 for the orthotics and paid $212. That is $452 paid for the devices. (Note that custom orthotics are available for $150 a pair over the Internet)

    An entire year transpires and I hear nothing from Village Podiatry. Over a year after taking delivery of the orthotics Village Podiatry Group sends me bills for a “remaining balance of $200. I called several times and even went to the office with a pile of papers to straighten this out.

    I am told by one person (Gwen) that the insurance denied the invoice. I showed her the EOB from the insurance and was told by the collections manager, Faith, that the “codes” that the insurance paid on were not for the devices themselves but for the doctor. The form I signed makes no distinction for the codes. This is semantic talk designed for their own profit at their customer’s expense.

    I was told that they would turn my bill over to collections because I asked them to provide and itemized invoice for the fourth time. I am afraid that this will have to be taken to small claims court to resolve it.

    At one time I liked Dr. Snyder, but anyone who hires rude people who treat patients like deadbeats, refuse to talk civilly to them and threatens them with collections when there is reasonable doubt, is not ever going to get another penny from me.

    If Village Podiatry Group of Atlanta can loose my bill for a year perhaps they lost the payment records. Either way the paper I signed did not distinguish the code issue, which I still do not understand and Village Podiatry Group of Atlanta is more than happy to put their proverbial foot into my posterior to make another 200 bucks.

    If you have a choice go somewhere else.

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  • St
      Jun 08, 2012

    I also have a complaint. I saw a Village Podiatrist in April. I have health insurance and Village Podiatry is in the network. So I got an appointment, went to the Lithonia branch and paid my deductible. A skin sample was taken for testing. I had heard nothing from Village Podiatry since: no letter with a result, no feedback, nothing. Imagine my surprise when I got a bill for almost $700 this week! When I called about it, I was told that the sample was sent to a lab outside the network, and would not be covered by my insurance. Except that the lab seems to be affiliated with Village Podiatry! I can find nobody in that organization to help.
    I had read some things about this organization, but I had ignored them

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  • Kd
      Jul 08, 2014

    I went to two doctors in this "group" because the first office was so unprofessional, that I had cancelled the next appointment with the scheduling service and they quickly suggested another doctor in their network close to where I live, and I agreed. This doctor was more personable and the girls were so friendly and polite. So after going for two months and getting tired of many "selling" techniques administered by the office(they sold me a mild anti-biotic from their office for $15, and I could have gotten it for either free or at the most $4 from the local pharmacy that we use) I didn't know the price until I received my receipt. I didn't trust them after going for 3 consecutive weeks and the doctor couldn't do anything for my foot. I went to another podiatrist recommended by a client, and she dug necrotic tissue out of my foot for an hour!!! I'm awaiting a call from the regional director to explain why my foot was allowed to progress to this point by one of their "doctors". Someone has already suggested contacting the AMA about the poor quality of this doctor, and I await the call from regional first. Be aware of their selling techniques and lack of treatment, but they'll keep bringing you back so they can charge you the deductible and reschedule for next week, to do the same. STAY AWAY for your own physical as well as financial health.

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  • Jo
      Aug 21, 2019

    Dr. Mark Snyder is a total joke. You can get an appointment right away because the smart patients never go back. All you can hear in waiting room is crickets. This so-called Doctor looked at my foot for 15 seconds, said it may be a fracture after he looked at a clean X-ray? This after I told him it was already diagnosed to be either a neuroma or capsulitis. Yes Sir.. He ignored everything I said without making eye contact and said “That this is not the place if you want a quick fix or surgery! We are going to start with the basics including an MRI and work towards a fix" What? Translation: We will milk you and your insurance for all we can get! I promptly ended the conversation with this embarrassment to the community and left the office. I called back later to get a copy of my X-ray, I was told it's $25.00 for a CD copy? Is the only way to pay the bills LOL? I went to a REAL Podiatrist the next day, was diagnosed & treated within 15 minutes for capsulitis. No more pain, Done deal!

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