Video Professor / Microsoft Excel

1 Baltimore, MD, United States

Dear Sir,

When I placed my order November 2009, based on my understanding that it was FREE as stated in the promotion online.

I was not able to review my order since I was out of State until December 30th 2009, during which time I was surprised to note that Video Professor had without my authorization charged my Visa Credit Card twice in the amount of $289.90 excluding the postage fee.

Upon expressing my complained and the circumstances that made it impossible for me to review the product, Fatima gave me two Return Authorization numbers and further directed I wait for the label to be sent to me.

Most regrettably I did not get any pre-printed return label and took it upon myself to return the product. However, Fatima and subsequent customer representative I spoke to assured me of full refund based on my explanation.

I am consequently asking Video Professor to kindly refund the total amount due, as I am no longer interested in any of the product. This action of without authorization going into an individual account to withdraw hard earns cash and credit is an act of coercion.

Video Professor should not force me to buy it product that was advertized as free! The terms of agreement was not clearly stated and actually hidden from prospective customers maybe for obvious reason.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW I AM GOING TO GET MY MONEY BACK! I just had a refund from the United State Postal Services when I was wrongly charged for a new postal box and I cannot understand why it is difficult for Video Professor to follow the examples of legitimate businesses and corporations.

Thank you.

Peter Odeh

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