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Ugh, I can't believe I fell for this BS, I am usually a very savvy online shopper. So, VETSHOP.COM (not, but who knows, maybe they're related?) is one of those shady companies whose ads you see when you're trying to buy pet meds for your pets. I needed some Frontline Plus for my dogs and went with them because they had the lowest price. BUYER BEWARE! It's been THREE WEEKS now since I ordered the meds and nothing in the mail yet. When I called to complain they said this is because they are shipped INTERNATIONALLY from the UK (but yet they have a Washington State "mailing address" to trick you and then claim to be a Canadian company- SHADY!!) BUT NOWHERE on their site does it say they are even a Canadian company (uhh, a "WA" address leads me to believe they are American, how about you?). NOR does it say -- and this is the worst part too -- that you will NOT be getting American FDA approved products. That is just shameful and fraudulent in my opinion. The website says expect 2 days for processing and 10 days for shipment. I can live with 12 days. But it took them SIX days just to even process the order (lazy much?) and even get it in the mail and so far two weeks to ship have gone by and still nothing!! Three weeks and nothing, are you kidding me? Now they say it will be another week with "Royal Mail" and "winter weather" so that will make it a full month to get these, if I even get them at all from these shysters. UGH! DO NOT buy from these people, go anywhere else! Just make sure you're buying American FDA approved products if that's what you want and are expecting. And my poor doggies have been suffering itching and scratching this whole ridiculous time because of these shady jerks. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM VETSHOP.COM. They even have the nerve to write that they are "one of America's leading online pet stores" on their front page. That is straight up fraud and a LIE. What total LIARS!! The idiot girl on the phone said "it states clearly on our website that we are a Canadian company." Oh, really? I couldn't find that anywhere, can anyone else? DO NOT GIVE VETSHOP.COM your business.


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  • Ri
      13th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I just got off the phone with "Gloria" in Canada, and she gave me the same nonsense about the weather in the UK. I placed my order on Dec. 19, 2010 and still have not received my Frontline Plus. They claimed to have "shipped" it on Dec. 24th and now it's heald up due to the "weather in the UK". I told her that's and outright lie and she then said it may be held-up in customs and to wait until next Friday, Jan. 21st and if I don't receive it, she will refund my money. NONSENSE! Do not BUY ANYTHING from theses crooks called VETSHOP.COM unless you enjoy being defrauded!

  • Ku
      19th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I ordered Frontline on Dec 10, and it stated it shipped 12-14. I contacted them around January 7th, and they told me to call back by the 15th if I did not receive it. I got the excuse about customs holding up shipments. I contacted them on january 17th for a refund. When asked if I wanted them to ship a new order or give a refund, without hesitation i said REFUND!. I do NOT want to wait another month and go through this again. I'll spend the extra dollar or two and order from Walmart.

  • Bl
      16th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Ah man! I should have checked for complaints on the site first but I was so excited about the price...did anybody get their order?? or do I have to complain to my bank to get the money back?? I ordered Feb 7, 2011 & it's the 16th. At Entirely I got Frontline, etc, in 3 days

  • Bl
      16th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Ah man! I should have checked first but I was so excited about the price...did anybody get their order?? or do I have to complain to my bank to get the money back?? I ordered Feb 7, 2011 & it's the 16th. At Entirely I got Frontline, etc, in 3 days

  • Bl
      19th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    My Frontline came today *whew*! I ordered it on Feb 7th and it came Feb 19. And some ppl are saying on various sites that Merial doesnt operate in any other country except America. That IS NOT TRUE. Here is their website link (below) and it says what countries they operate in. This product look real. I checked everything. But these compliants scared the living daylights out of me so I called & they assured me that it would delivered to my home any day now by the 24th.

  • Jo
      9th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    just got Frontline plus delivered from, took almost a month for them to deliver it. Once it came it was obvious that, at best it's not an FDA approved product, but possibly the same product packaged for the international market, or at worst it's a counterfeit. which would not shock me after watching the 60 minutes episode last week about fake drug knockoffs packaged almost exactly like the real thing. still on the fence about throwing it all in the trash, biting the bullet and paying a fortune locally for the real thing.

  • Pe
      11th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I placed my order and received it 12 days after they notified me that it shipped, which is exactly what their website says. I will say I was surprised that it came from England, because it certainly doesn't say anywhere that they're not based in the US, but Merial sells in Europe, too. Meds not bought in the US will not qualify for guarantees if anything goes wrong, but fipronil outside the US is fipronil inside the US, too. I wouldn't get prescription drugs from this company, but I feel safe giving my dog Frontline from here. The savings was just too good to pass up -- the 6 tubes I bought on cost me ~$57. At Petsmart, I would have paid $104.

  • Ba
      8th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    I too fell for their low prices without doing my homework. After I placed my order, I received an email order confirmation and on it they told me that my order should ship in 5-7 days, but to allow for at least 3 weeks just in case. I called them immediately (within 10 minutes) to cancel my order. The customer service rep even looked up where my product was shipping from (Great Britian) and told me that it would not reach me in 5-7 days, and confirmed it would take the 3 weeks. He cancelled my order without a problem and told me my credit card would be credited within 24 hours. Two hours later a second customer service rep called my house and told me that the first one didn't have authority to cancel my order, and by the time he took it to his supervisor, it had already shipped so couldn't be cancelled. This customer service rep said it shipped from Australia, not Great Britian -- I'm guessing so that I couldn't argue that it was in the middle of the night in GB. After every question and point I made being deflected by this woman, I finally said I would be contacting my bank to dispute the charge as fraudulent. Which I am now doing.

  • Al
      13th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I also was a victim of, , , while waiting for there product to arrive I purchased from, only $26.99 for 3 month pack and arrived in two business days from California. You guys should try them!

  • Ca
      30th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    well I got mine just like they stated. Yes they advertise frontline plus on the website and you get frontline combo instead but combo is the same as frontline plus. The company who makes this is out of Paris and ships all over the world. In the UK you need a prescription for frontline combo, so maybe it's a better market in the US and they have surplus? I don't know but the packaging is real and the medication arrived unopened. I'm not sure how well it worked yet as it takes a few days to really kick in. I don't know, if this is a scam it's a real good one because the packaging is flawless. As far as shipping I got it in ten days from the UK royal mail and I'm in California. Point it, if the product works this is a great deal. I don't know why people are canceling their orders because of the frontlinecombo lie thing other than their pride is hurt that they were lied to about where the product is being shipped from. Whatever. My cats are still alive and it's been 12 hours. I'll know by tomorrow if it's actually killing fleas.

  • Iz
      16th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    They advertise USA version of Frontline Plus, but actually ship out the UK version called Frontline Combo, and because it's classified by the EPA as a pesticide, it's actually illegal to import Frontline Combo into the USA since it hasn't passed inspection. It's also harder for Americans to tell if a UK version is counterfeit or not. The US version is tightly regulated and monitored. The EPA even provides a detail description of the color, smell, bottle size, internal & external packaging designs.

    Also be warned that also goes by, which is even worse because they prevent to be a USA company, but ship from the UK, and only deliver UK versions of their product.

    I've already filed a complaint with the EPA (Region 9, dept of pesticides) as well as notifying my bank, Google Adwords, GoDaddy (the domain registrar) and ICANN the governing body behind domain names (they can revoke domain names if enough complaints are made).

  • Ga
      8th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I order through all the time... takes about a month total time from initial time order is placed to when it is sitting in your living room...but for the price savings I am willing to wait for it. I have 6 Yorkies, a Pug and an Australian Shepard, I can use whatever saving I can get; and it works wonders.
    Frontline Plus (Frontline Combo) is the same product inside and/or outside the US, it's not FDA approved because it is not sold in the USA simple as that! Besides are you really putting that much stock into the FDA approved medications in the US with their track record?
    It bothers me when I find an excellent company and I see ignorance, and impatience...this is all I well as a sad attempt to tarnish a fine company. You are paying a very cheap price for a name brand flea medication non-prescription...have patience and smile at the little bit of extras thickness of your wallet...savvy?

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