VCA Animal Hospitalsunethical behavior

An Dec 11, 2018 Seattle, WA

I used to be a LVT at VCA West Seattle, and the manager drove me as well as most employees there away. Carolyn Adan's unethical behavior stunned me, as well as her selfishness and unwillingness to listen to/help her employees. Among the many awful things I found out about her during my time there, I learned that she pockets the CareClub bonus money. I have watched her spend clinic money on frivolous things. She lies and gives people false hopes and promises during job interviews. She forces LVT's to "cross train" as receptionists AND kennel staff with no pay raise, makes LVTs and assistants come in on weekends to do kennel staff's work with boarding patients, even on holidays (this is illegal), and refuses to learn the positions herself. I have read the handbooks- these things are not standard policy. She brags about being a "certified technician" and felt threatened when anyone else did a good job as LVT. She makes catty remarks to employees when she does not agree with them, and speaking up is nearly impossible around her. I know another ex employee who is currently working on filing a lawsuit against her. In the event of emergencies, she would push me aside and tell me to "let her do it as I have no idea what I'm doing" (this is not true). She takes several vacations and is hardly ever there. I have heard her insult an employee with a learning disability and publicly diminish her personality just for that. I am employed elsewhere now but I'm a dog sitter on the side. One of the dogs I sit was just hit by a car and nearly dead. The owner took her to VCA WS, where Carolyn refused to stabilize this dog and said it was "against company policy". This is NOT TRUE. When I worked there, we did all we could to triage and stabilize critical patients before transferring them to an emergency clinic that had the proper equipment to further treat them. I am absolutely appalled at what this woman has gotten away with as manager there. I am incredibly ashamed that you guys support such ethics, or lack thereof. The guy who's dog was refused treatment and nearly died is spreading the word about how poorly this place is managed, and word is getting out. I suggest you develop some more structure around the people you choose to run your hospitals.. especially when they are driving their patients to near death and their employees to seek therapy for the mental damage caused.

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