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The salwar kameez /saree blouses were not stitched properly. The worst stitching ever. The quality of customer service is bad. You have to harras them for an answer. I don't trust them to refund my money ever. The one saree I recieved was substitute item 3 because they are good at selling one item then saying it was "damaged" when they were either out or sold it from inside india. It arrived damaged with ink and markings in the embroidery like it was a sample item from the store and not 1st quality. The other saree was OK but the blouse was complete trash. It did not fit and was not made to even usual simple indian styles. They cannot customize according to the measurements or changes to a design. The suits are made smaller and the design is what THEY think they want to send you. Their express is supposed to take 7 days including stitching to outside India. Don't believe it, I am still waiting 21 days later.Do not order from them. I found this out too late and lost too much $$.

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  • Og
      28th of May, 2008
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    Utsav Saree is sucks!
    don't believe their inviting web-site.

    we ordered a clothe and paid the money two months ago. they've still not send our order.

    when i want to tell them my problem, they're always saying :
    "we will send your order in 2-3 days"

    that's a LIE !
    they stole my money ! not directly but they have money but didn't send my order!

    if any authorized personal of utsav may read that, i'll give my order number to believe us.

    Order No : UT30929

  • Ar
      30th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes - The suffering I have gone thr. each time, if I write down, going to be an essay
    United States

    They bluffed us using nice picture. very inferior product for $60. they sent us totally different kurta set. no zari patch work as mentioned in description ... fraudulent company. they need to correct their images and description ... i won't buy again there and i won't let my friends buy there. Is there authority that we can complain about UTSAV to stop this fraud.

  • Pl
      6th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes - Avoid this massive stress
    United States

    I have ordered many sarees from utsav &apart from ONE I have had problems with all the shipments or the quality of the sarees. one saree ordered was a white on white net &the saree sent was white with BEIGE work with marks on it(pictures to prove) I had to send emails backward/orwards for them to even consider me for a refund! They offered me 15% off on the saree when the quality was soooo bad and the totallt the wrong saree, they eveb told ME to dry clean the stains!!! They really struggle to give refunds. Another saree took two months for them to tell me it was no longer available and to choose another saree!!! MASSIVE STRESS-AVOID.

  • Ra
      16th of Aug, 2012
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    I had the same problem with utsav. Don't buy on this web site

  • Ra
      16th of Aug, 2012
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  • Ar
      14th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes - They are the cheaters altogether
    United States

    I have ordered a saree with these guys and they have shipped the wrong design of the saree. After I sent them the images of the received saree, they offered me to keep the saree and a 15% discount with the next item. Since I was not interested in the design i wanted my original item or my money back. But these guys are asking me to pay for the shipping charges even though there is no fault from my side. For them being shipped the wrong item I have to pay them the shipping charges to get my correct ordered item. They are the cheaters altogether. I have the proof of them accepting they shipped the wrong item and also their policy in the website says it is their responsibility to ship the replacement item if they ship the wrong item. Can’t we put a complaint in any consumer court?

  • Bi
      11th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes - Its right now and its horrible
    United States

    Its right now and its horrible. FIrst two times I had ordered there, I got the reply of " sorry it is out of stock so pick something else or we can return your money". With the lack of indian stores in Canada and thinking 3rd time is the charm, I ordered once more and 1 and a half months later, finally got my order. And the custom duty fee, they are not willing to pay that for you so you have to pay it when you receive your package by ups (aka extra money added to this bull$#*!). the only reason I am giving this a 1 star is because I can't find too many websites that have the variety they do. They allow your to change the neckline, the back and everything to your liking. The end result of stitching is good but if you are willing to put up with bs and wait almost two months and pay extra money for cross border fee because they wont, then is for you.

  • We
      8th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes - The suffering I have gone thr. each time, if I write down, going to be an essay
    United States

    OMG!!! So, you all are saying like these... I believed in 100% and feeling sorry for you all as I am feeling sorry for myself. They are sucks, lier and mismanaged S.O. Bs. Their products are nice looking and that's why I have been shopping w/them for last 5-7 years, spent thousands of dollars for these misleading products of these idiots. However, the suffering I have gone thr. each time, if I write down, going to be an essay. Let me express just one incidence among 100s: ordered about $1000.00 dollars sarees and Panjabees for man and young grandson w/ lot of faith that they will do right if I explain. More than 20 emails I did and requested to maintain the modesty on these net sarees, place on extra lilene layer about 16" by 32" on the chest area. In between, they sent two sarees w/out these although they said 'mam, no problem on it to do. My request was not applied on these two sarees unfortunately. Again contacted them and reminded- bagged even for the remaining sarees to do so. Also, made calls to overseas in reffering these requests. And you know, their respond was such as (copy and paste from one of their emails among 100 emails & from about 50 reps in different name in each time)"
    their respond: We always check the items before shipping, but may be this item got skipped off by our quality control checking department. We have already forwarded your mail with the images to our senior management and hope this type of mistakes will not happen in future.
    As regards to your order UT519436 item SKK13096, we would like to request you to kindly keep it and as a token of compensation we are ready to credit you 10% of the item cost that is USD 8.05
    Please confirm whether you are comfortable with the offer."

    I informed back that I am keeping these as it is anyhow. However, remaining orders need to be taken care and plz send ASAP, it's more than/close to two months already. If you can give $20.00 discount for these lacking on these two, it can be reasonable compensation against these demages. B/c I have to stitch lilene on those w/ my hand and at least each saree is going to take an hr. for me. Plus I have severe back problem, can't sit and stitch So $10.00*2= $ 20.00. I am so glad finally you guys understood what I meant." But these offer was refused/turned down deadly.
    In regards to the remaining sarees, they wanted me to send pics to make it clear where the lilene should be. So, to make it clear, I have sent pictures thr mobile phone and sent them, that didn't give a demn satisfactory result!!!
    Requested back again to send w/ the marking where I want to have the lilene; then I did again and their respond in that time "now we understood and it's going to be the way you wanted..." I was hoping and still trusting soooo much.
    finally guess what, after another 2-3 weeks and reminding repeatedly. Stupid sarees came but each one I was opening and very disappointing that any saree didn't get lilene!!! What a pain in the ###/ pain is way on the picked of limpnode of my ###. I am very educated woman and came from a noble family but dealing w/ cheaters-liers can disappoint you so bad, somehow need to take the anger out. Specially these Indians are making good products to do buisness globally but their business ethics are so wrong and don't apply customer rule and need to improve immediately, otherwise, maximum customers are suffering.

    Some more, still didn't receive the refund and didn't receive the Panjabi for our grandson!!! Fortunately, their baba PayPal is there and recovered few dollars from last time's transaction few months back.

    Another incidence happend w/ this order, they told me, can't provide one saree b/ c of out of stock. So I was considerate minded, instead of asking refund bought two more sarees to adjust on adding two new more sarees, for that I have to met the difference of the cost as well. When I received the orders, that saree, the one was out of stock arrived plus w/out email/ discussing w/me the other two sarees sent, the new two I bought to replace. Sooooo strange! !!!

    That's it w/ Utsav sarees. Can't take anymore pain up to my limp node.

  • Mv
      19th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    Hi you must try MILAP SAREES
    have good collection try out can find on FB

  • Le
      16th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes - The seller took money and vanished somewhere
    United States

    Don’t buy from the scamming website I paid them money and they cheated on me. They took money and only promised to provide my ordered stuff, but nothing. After that all my emails were returned back and when I tried to reach these scammers, no reply. Maybe someone has any idea how to track this seller and return money back, please contact me then or leave a comment. Thanks.

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