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I contemplated ordering from this website for a long time but eventually I gave in because I was not liking what my mother was buying for me in India. I figured if I purchased a saree online it will be my choice. I did read a lot negative reviews but I wanted to give them a chance anyway. First of all during the ordering process nowhere did it say that it will take 25 days just to make my saree. I thought the saree is ready and all it needs is stitching and delivery. After a month of waiting I started emailing them. I would get standard emails still no estimated date of delivery. I then called the customer service. Early morning 4 am my time I got hold of them. Now they simply tell me it is not even in the workshop, it will take another 15 days to just get in the workshop which means 40 days to just get a simple saree woven. On top the customer service rep started arguing with me. I would have compromised if they were to send the order unstitched within delivery time. Instead they want me to order another saree from ready to ship section. As of now I have cancelled my order due to the utter disrespect from customer rep and lack of coordination between their various departments. Thank god I payed through paypal. Like the gentleman above I am going through paypal dispute if they don't refund my money within 3 days like they said.

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  • Ra
      16th of Aug, 2012 - Utsavfasion- fraud
    Utsav sprees
    United States

    They don't ship the items that we order. They collect the amount and don't deliver. Even if they deliver they are not as per the website picture and not a size that we ordered. They are a fraud website.

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  • Ra
      19th of Aug, 2013

    what you see is not what you get with
    I was constantly lied to about part of my order. like any other online scam, they only shipped part of order, and then went quite. they assume that you will never call them and they can have your money.
    if you call them, they keep giving you bogus dates and process your order item by item. I ordered 4 sarees. first they shipped only two, then when i complainted and asked about my rest of items, they shipped one more, but told me that both will be shipped in '24-48hrs'. then they went silent for 17 days! so i called back in asking for my order. they gave me the same line: 'not intentional, will be shipped in 24-48hrs'
    if this is not lying and cheating, then what is? find a better website or, wait till walmart or Amazon start their business in India.

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  • So
      30th of May, 2014

    Hi I have ordered a saree which is not as per our specification hence want to return it back. Please help.

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