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dont buy from utsav. i wasted so many dollars due to their negligence. they spoiled my birthday dress with ill fitting measurements.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Marlborough, MA i also paid the shipping fee which is a total waste. i wasted 125 dollar because of the stupid site. the delivery also takes 2 months and still such a bad performance. the customer service does not reply to the mails.stupid site finally. it sucks!!!

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  • Ur
      Oct 27, 2010

    I placed order with Utsav (on 18 June 2010) on their website
    of 149.00 dollars for woman’s traditional apparel.I ordered their items only because of their express delivery option (which says ships in 2 to 3 days). because my in law’s were visiting me first time to USA and they wished to see me in Indian Apparel. I planed to wear them on Indian ocaation “Vatsavitri vrat” 25 June and then on 30 June which is my birthday as My in laws where suppose to go back to India by July 6, 2010.

    I didn’t received anything until 10 days pass after I placed my order. They did not notify me anything about when it will ship then I email them about it. they started to give me assurance that they are facing some problems that’s why shipment is late and it will ship in 3 to 4 days.They give me same type of assurance at least 6 to 7 times and finally Utsav shipped my order after 2 months(mid of August 2010 after my lots of complains by email (almost 15 to 16 complaints in 2 months). I explain them why I ordered with them and what are my time lines but no result I got from them.
    when I received order it was not as shown in picture even fitting were improper. I complained and asked them to return my money because first they were failed to deliver in time. Suppose, if they would have took 7 to 8 days more for delivery then I would have tolerate but they took two months and even they didn’t notify me about it until I asked them. I was being such nice or fool that I gave them chance to make me wait for 2 months. Even My in laws left without seeing me in Indian clothing and My in laws along with my husband all family member got angry at me that why I choose this type of company?
    But Utsav customer care person “Shakti” wrote me that refund is not possible in any case only modification is possible. when I argued and complaints many times that it was their fault that they took such long time and didn’t send proper items then after many head heating arguments via email, She give me only 20 dollar discount out of my 149.00 dollar for 2 months late shipping and 11.40 dollar to returned this items back to Utsav for modification. so, I returned it on 30 August 2010 since I haven’t received my items or money back.

    before even they were not ready to give me return shipping charges which was 11.40 dollar. After many complaints they gave me that. Since 30 August 2010, they are giving me assurance that I will get my items return with all changes in 3 to 4 days. Last on end of September 2010 they promised me via email to ship my order with modification in 2 to 3 days but now it’s end of October 2010, I haven’t received anything yet. They ashamed me among my whole family. My HUSBAND IS KEEP ASKING ME AFTER EVERY 2 DAYS THAT DID YOU RECEIVE YOUR ITEMS? IF NOT THAN why THEY ARE NOT GIVING MONEY BACK? FROM NOW ON I WILL NOT LET YOU DO ANY ONLINE SHOPPING”.

    So, After placing order with them, it’s almost 4 months that I haven’t got my apparel. I don’t understand what type of problem they are facing which could cause 2 months for shipping and than another 2 months for modification of that same order. I have almost more than 40 emails with them about this matter in past 4 months. if they are facing the problem that could cause moths wait to customers than they should stop taking new orders and must notify about their problem to customers because it’s not customer’s problem. They are the one who is getting money and not shipping items so, it’s their own problem.

    Now I am tired of waiting. so, Last week, I emailed them that” when first time you fail to deliver my order on time than It was your first hand duty that you notify me and must give me option that I would like to wait or cancel the order instead of doing that you guys took two months to ship it to me and didn’t return my money. Now when Received the order and it was improper, after I have return all items, Now it is more 2 months since you are not shipping it back to me and keep giving me false promise. SO, I do not want your items anymore because anyways it is useless for me now as all occasion to wear it has been already gone. So, return my money. Then they stop replying my email.

    Now, in current situation, they are not replying my emails, haven’t refund me my money, Haven’t returned my items back. It looks like they are not facing any problem but doing some type of fraud or scam that “just take payments from customers and ship to customers whenever they want or not ship at all and keep give them false promise for months so, that customer get tired and stop complain or not take any action against them. They are thinking NRIs customers would not do all this trouble for couple of dollars.

    That means they got my all money 149.00 USD and I got nothing, it’s a big fraud. I want to aware all NRIs from USA, U.K, Canada, Australia and customers from India who does online shopping that Not to do shopping with Utsav on website and address mentioned under in my complain.

    company website and Address:
    mailing address in India;
    67 - 68, Ground Floor
    Sarawgi Mansion, M.I.Road
    Jaipur - 302003

    They largely do business in USA via their website and they have one USA address where I have returned their all items which is:

    NJ -08830

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  • De
      Jan 20, 2011

    Sad to know that Utsav is least bothered for the complaints that have been posted. It's high time for them to take action for it.

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  • In
      Jul 27, 2012

    I second above post. Waster and Damn customer service. Please dont buy anything from this website. Fooling people with online shopping. When contacted throught Chat/Telephone they only say one word, Item will be shipped in 24/48 hours and email will be sent. No email from last 2 weeks. Amount got deducted on the first day of shopping. Please please please dont buy from this website.

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