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US Government / Obama

1 Philadelphia, United States

Obama must have been born on Mars. Him and his family( as large as it is)Obama crash landed in New Mexico and was adopted by communists parents. That must explain why none of the twenty-five moms he has cannot come up with a real birth certificate. After his communist parents brainwashed him fully he was sent off to use his three brains to obtain three different(poison) Ivy League College degrees. After applying all three brains so drastically his body temperature actually rose to -3 degrees. That is when his communists parents put him back up for adoption. They also got tired of the constant whining and complaining he would do. Obama finally found someone as far out of this world as he is to share his life with. Secretly he had stopped NASA program so that he could borrowed their space shuttle to pick her up. His head glows at night and that is when he gets his best ideas yet! Obama hates America and when he would go to church the main sermon would be God DAMN America! Not God Bless America as We the people do believe! Anyone that has this back ground should never be the one who represents us! We have invited the enemy into our country and this alien wants what most aliens dream of and that is world domination! Get ready for Martial Law because it is coming soon...just remember be prepared for a liberal to tell you how wonderful everything is and that they have an excuse for everything they do all the way up to the moment that nuclear war head hits our soil!

May 3, 2015

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