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US Bank


closing of the checking account

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Contact information:
9575 W Higgins
Rosemont, Illinois
United States
Phone: 847-318-6300
On December 1, 2008 I have became a victim of identity fraud. All of my personal information was stolen and I was advised to close all of my accounts. The same day I went to my local US Bank branch located in Meijer in Rolling Meadows (1301 Meijer Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 ph#847-228-7244) and closed my savings account. At first I wanted to keep my checking account open because I was waiting for some transactions to be cleared. On December 4th I have received an email notification from US Bank that my address on the checking and money market account has been changed and if this is not correct I need to come in to the branch. I left my work and went to the Rosemont location (9575 W. Higgins Rd Rosemont, IL 60018 ph#847-318-6300) and talked to the branch manager Doug Karlic. I explained my situation and told him to close the account as soon as possible even though some transactions are still pending. I was told that it will take up to 48 hours for the system to close this account. I advised him to close it so I can have this issue resolved by the end of the week. Few days later I went to Elmhurst branch (536 S. York Rd, Elmhurst, IL 60126 ph#630-833-2200) to close the money market account. I needed to go there with my aunt who was a primary person listed on this account and she opened this account at that location and we were told I will not be able to close this account without her signature. Again, we explained the situation and ask for the account to be closed. Everything was done the same day and money market account was successfully closed. I asked the customer service representative about my checking account and was told it is still open after 48 hours later. She advised me to call the customer service 800’s number and talk to them. I placed numerous phone calls to their customer service department and every single time I was told a different thing. Basicly they told me that they will not be able to help me with closing that account because I have to go to the branch where the account was open which was Elmhurst branch. After calling them they said that the closing of the account can be done at every US Bank branch. When I told them that I already requested that at Rosemont branch they directed me over there. So I went there and again was told that this will take another 48 hours because the system didn’t recognize the previous request because I had some transactions pending. I said I wanted this account to be closed right now and I’m willing to pay any fees but I want everything to be closed. I was promised it will be closed in the week. Today is March 23, 2009, four months later and my checking account is still open. I just received a statement from US Bank saying my ending balance on the account is $0.28. I truly don’t know what to do anymore. I called customer service so many times and visited the branches few times, talked to many people at US Bank and no one is able to close my account. I wonder how hard it is to close the basic checking account. US Bank never apologize for anything. This entire process took a very bad toll on me. I was constantly stressing out that someone will try to access my personal information on that account, especially when someone already tried to change the address on this account.
I have been US Bank customer for over 6 years and I will never do any business with this institution ever.
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N  25th of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes

US Bank - Overcharged!
US Bank
800 Nicollet Mall
United States
Phone: 303-505-8585

I did not learn about the $.25 charge per use for using my debit card until I overheard a teller explaining it to a new customer approximately 1 month after opening my account. I reviewed the literature I had and couldn't find anything describing such a charge. To avoid such a frivolous charge to my account each time I purchased something with the card, I began using the charge function instead. That prevented the $.25 debit charge, but the transactions weren't showing up on my account in a timely fashion. As a new customer, I was specifically instructed to go by the 'available balance' for fund availability. However, the bank conveniently wasn't posting transactions in a timely manner, which skewed my true available balance.

I have all receipts for transactions using my US Bank card since I opened the account. I have compared ALL transactions for a particular day to the available balance shown on the paper statement on that date, and NEVER did I EVER go below the available balance on my statement. However, each month US Bank has charged me multiple overdraft charges (at $35.00 each) for overdraft charges THEY say I had incurred that somehow didn't show up on anything, whether in my online banking statement nor the paper statements I have.

This bank is a bunch of crooks and should be held accountable for their poor practices.
N  23rd of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes

U. S. Bank - Credit Card Services
U. S. Bank
800 North Belt Highway
Saint Joseph
United States

My wife and I got a security system for our home last month. The monthly fee, taken automatically out of our checking account was supposed to be $44. The security firm took out $143, putting our account in the negative. In one day, U. S. Bank had our account to minus $127. We deposited $313 the day we found out the account was over-drawn.

That was last Wednesday. By Friday, they had the account in the minus again, to the amount of $127 again. There had been absolutely no activity on the account from us in those three days. No checks were written, and we did not use the debit card. My wife called the bank and all customer service would tell her was that there were overdraft charges, but they would not tell her what they were for or how we got them. By this Monday, the account was over $300 in a negative balance.

I noticed in another one of these reports that someone said U. S. Bank charges you $8 for every day that your account is in the negative. That is absolutely true, but even better than that, they then charge you a $37.50 fee on the $8 they took out because the $8 came out of a negative balance. So you actually get charged $45.50 for every day the account is the negative.

My wife has talked to the manager of the bank and I have tried to call him a couple of times, but he does not return phone calls, and he is always too busy to talk to anyone, whether by phone or in person.

Any helpful people out there who want to tell me some soothing advice like I should keep more money in the account, or have a budget, spare me. The negative balance was not our fault, and U. S. Bank has used the opportunity to hose us to the amount of $762 so far We had to deposit another $450 that we didn't have today to get the account back into a positive balance. U. S. Bank takes every opportunity to relieve people of their money. If you can't give someone constructive advice on how to fix the problem, don't give advice at all. Some of us actually have to live from pay check to pay check without a safety cushion.
N  28th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
It comes to my attention within last 7 days, my checking account with US BANK overdraft charges of $37.00 X 15 over $500 hundred dollar.

I call the us bank they cannot clear explain to sole reason, this is deceives business practice I hope they are sugarcoated one of this day.

Be aware please consume do not open account with US BANK.
N  5th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes

U.S. Bank - Overcharged
U.S. Bank
United States

It comes to my attention within last 7 days, my checking account with US BANK overdraft charges of $37.00 X 15 over $500 hundred dollar. I call the us bank they cannot clear explain to sole reason, this is deceives business practice I hope they are sugarcoated one of this day.

Be aware please consume do not open account with US BANK.
N  22nd of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes

US Bank - Credit Card Services
U. S. Bank
United States

U.S. Bank is a huge fraud and only out to screw you the customer. I have excellent credit, neer missed a payment or defaulted on anything. I submitted a CC aplication to combine three Cards onto one and take advantage of their 0% interest for 12 months. The approved the application, then only trnasferred the two small amounts and charged me $50 in trnasfer fees. When I asked what happened to the third thransfer they said they didn't approve it. I said why wasn't I told? Asked to reverse the whole thing, told I couldn't; asked to have my limit increased $2000 to cover the third transfer, told I'd have to wait 6 months. I could cancel the card, they were fine with that, but they would keep my $50 transfer fee. Stay away from this bank, they are a dishonest operation.
N  10th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes

US Bank - Hard hearted corporation
US Bank
United States

Don't know if anyone at will actually read this. Be humane. Do things for the greater good instead of enforcing policies that ruin people's lives.

Times are hard, but do corporations have to become hard hearted in the process? Sometimes I wish that I could have lived during another time period and also in a culture where materialism was not viewed as a virtue. I know of someone who has dealt with this institution and the mayhem that it has caused in this persons' life. No amt of money in the world is worth all that.
N  1st of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes

US Bank - Bad service
US Bank
United States

US Bank is very inefficient when processing loan applications. We suppose to close our house today (11/30/2010), but we still do not know (thru our broker) when the loan will be closed! This has had huge impact on our plans - moving plans, renting the current house, etc. We do not recommend you using US Bank for your future purchase unless you have six month to work with. The excuse we were given was that it's the procedure that delays everything. When they received the appraisal two weeks ago and we receive a letter yesterday (dated 11/24) requesting for Appraisal, I do not think it's the procedure that slows down the process.
N  24th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes

US Bank - Customer Service Abuse
United States
Phone: 800-usbanks

The service department did not close my account when I called about a lost card. They refused to put the card on hold, and said that they have NEVER allowed temporary holds on cards. I had been given a temporary hold on another occasion with very friendly and warm service, so I questioned this. I suppose because I questioned it, they simply decided to cause me trouble. I found out almost 10 days later that they had not closed the card, nor had they mailed me a new debit card! When I called back they made no offer to investigate the wrong handling of my account. Putting the supervisor on the phone made the situation much worse. She was cold and rude. She repeated the statement that they cannot put a temporary hold on an account - kept repeating this, no matter what I said. At first I was calmly asking her questions, and finally she said "Oh, you said ACCOUNT - we can't put a temporary hold on an account. " I said, no, actually it's pretty clear that we are talking about a card! Every issue that I tried to bring up, there was nothing but a brick wall from the other end. This was to the point of being abuse. When I had reached the point of frustration to where I was raising my voice, I said that I would need to speak with someone else. Then she proceeded to threaten me with a $25 late fee to rush the card to me. She did not offer any help or options at all until I got to the point of frustration - then she said "Mam, if you would have let me talk, I was going to offer to rush you a card. " I said, I have been calmly asking questions for 15 minutes here and you offered nothing! Of course I got frustrated! Your job is to offer service, and you have not been responsive to my needs at all. During this she was interrupting me the entire time, and saying that they do not HAVE to waive the $25 fee to rush the card to me -- even though they screwed up and didn't mail the card to me!!! I finally told her that I am very worried that I gave my social security number over the phone to a guy who did nothing at all after telling me the card would be closed. And I am not getting a good feeling from her, either. I told her I would rather just speak to someone else to close the card. She finally said, well then you can just call the 800 number again. She also told me that she was as high as I could go - that I would not be successful in complaining to upper management! And there truly is no complaint line, so customer service for US Bank is a JOKE!
D  27th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Cards are not temporarily shut down. Accounts can have a temporary hold. I am sure since you had no clue what you were talking about with customer service and using the wrong wording, they were more confused than you, and since they are actual humans, I am sure you annoyed the crap out of them too for insisting they can do something they cannot. Nothing like non bankers who think they know more than bankers. Get a life and harass another bank.
A  1st of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Yeah thats just total [censor]..the don't give a damn about their customers, I have dealt with them, and they are just so rude...i am sorry about your situation, i hope all is resolved now..im going to BS right now cuz of them too
A  4th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
interestingly it seems to be ok to do these things. I opted out of the overdraft yet they continued paying and charging and charging. Call them today and you will get the run around from every single person at the bank, c/s, every f'n where. They lie at every level and don't even know they are and teach other how to lie without knowing.
If I treated customers like they treated me they'd call me a crook, fraud, robber. But not the damn bank
N  29th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes

US Bank - Stealing from Customers and Tax Payers
United States

I don't know about the rest of America, but US BANK to me is a CROOKED BANK. Not only did they boast of being 0ne of Two banks that made a profit in 2008, they took billions of dollars in taxpayers money to pad their pockets. Here is the CROOKED PART they adjust their computerized bank records to STIFF their CUSTOMERS. Just last night my wife was out and checked her balance at an ATM, it said she had enough monye for a moderate withdrawl. When she got home later she went on line to validate her balance and check how much she need to depsoit to bring her account back to where it was. I went to a US BANK branch at 9:00 AM and made a cash deposit for her. When I got home she checked her balance on line again as she always does and just like clock work, US BANK changed her balance records putting the last nights withdrawl five down, before the other withdrawls previously taken out, and then proceeded to put her in negative status for the prior withdrawls. Four charges of $37.50 for each transaction = $150.00 in US BANK charges. To me this is manipulation of bank records and theft by deception of CUSTOMER CASH. I want to see more reports posted on the site and I will look from time to time to see the response. My God are there any HONEST business people in AMERICAN BUSINESS ? These CROOKS - US BANK show be PROSECUTED !!
N  15th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes

Us Bank/business Credit Card - application of payments
United States

Ambivalent wording regarding application of payment to their credit cards, does NOT cover when you have TWO zero interest balance items.
They applied payments for 5 months to new zero interest item and not to original balance.
I phoned and was told they didn't know how to get payment or part of payment to old balance. I wrote: the 2 letters did not address my issue.
One in fact said they couldn't issue another card. I didn't ask for another card. I phoned again and was told in spite of wording that did not
address application of payment to TWO zero interest items, I must pay my account in full $9470, to pay off the $2129 that becomes interest
bearing next month. SLEAZY. Other banks are clear in their wording or work with one if they want to keep you as a customer. I closed the account.
Luckily I have the money to pay off this account and forget about them.
N  1st of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes

US Bank - I Agree, They do not respect their customers
US Bank
United States

I do have to admit that after six years of banking with them they have shown me the very opposite of 5 star customer care. I have had a secured Visa and checking account with them for several years and even though I have received generous credit from Bellco Credit Union, Capitol One, Bank of America, and HSBC, I always fail to get my US Bank card converted into a non-secured card. I faile to see their reasoning behind this, if my credit is that bad why do I have these perfect accounts with these first and second tier lenders. I moved all but a thousand dollars of my direct deposit to Bellco and leave a cool grand that I am sure to always spend in the US Bank account. I only deposit money their because of the card I have with them, otherwise I would have dropped them like a hot coal. I makes me sad, I banked with them because my mother has worked for them for around eleven years, yet they can't extend me real credit. This company is doomed to fail, they are not worthy of my money or yours, I recommend Bank of America or a local credit union, skip the money junkie tight-wads.

Bellco Car Loan 9K
Bellco Visa 1K
Bellco Personal Credit Line 500
Capital One Rewards 750
Capital One Classic 500
Bank of America Visa 500

But never good enough for US Bank, nor are they good enough for me!

K. Rodgers, Colorado
N  28th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes

US Bank - Thieves
US Bank
7324 Reseda blvd #231
United States
Phone: 818-802-2588

For everyone that use "us bank" n any state please contact me on here or via my email that is currently displayed. We ate starting a class action law suit. If you want to be fairly treated, receive the monies back they took or stile from you, get back your ridiculous over draft fees, please respond let us be heard because clearly they don't care but i do. . . Sunshineent2006@yahoo.com. . Email me to be included. .
N  28th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Do you care about spell check and how to turn off crusie control? This post burned my retnas.
N  28th of Jun, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Lol.. I see you Nothing better to do. If you don't like the complaint then don't read it. Simple your comment means nothing.
N  28th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
People with 5th grade math skills don't need to worry about overdraft fees.
N  28th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I couldn't read it. Thats why I posted. Between the all caps, spelling and terrible grammar how could one read it? Let alone give you information for a class action, I wouldn't trust you with my dog's name.
N  29th of Jul, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Now I'm worried, we are closing on a mortgage with them on 8/1. It's been difficult dealing with them, you have to keep every e-mail just to prove what they said. She would tell us one thing then when I mentioned she said something different before I would have to go back in my emails to prove it. I tried to go with our current bank however they wanted a full appraisal and I knew I wouldn't pass it. US Bank only did a drive-by. I hope this doesn't turn out badly, hoping for the best.

Nikki Milwaukee, WI

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