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1 Sallisaw, OK, United States
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I bought a puppy from Berta/Lorene Matlock. He was 7/8 months old at the time. I asked her specifically how much the dog weighted and she told me would be no bigger then 4lbs full grown. And I know there is no guarantee. But when I got him he was well over 4lbs. So no big deal .. I took him to the vet and the vet said he was very skinny and about 2lbs under weight. He was so afraid of everything. He barks and runs in circles at every single noise he nips everyone except me! He is a neurotic dog. He will never be normal. After the vet called me and told me he had giardia and that was probably why he was so thin. I contacted Lorene Matlock and told her about how frightened he was of everything. She said maybe something happened during to make him like that. Something did not happen overnight to make him be the way he is. I believe they are raised with little to no human interaction. I tried to leave a honest review on puppyfind but she deleted it. I have to re- home him because he doesn't like anyone except me and nips everyone. Mrs. Lorene very smart. She doesn't like people to pay with PayPal because she knows if someone complains they would get their money back. And also if you ask her for a contract she says she will send it with the puppy and doesn't. Please don't be fooled as I have. Now I will have to give him away for free because no one will want to buy a dog like this. I have attached pictures that I took when I got home from the airport. I even asked her to take him back and she will not. I paid $1650 for this dog and it is now flushed down the toilet don't trust this women. And I even asked her if he had any yellow staining to his coat she said no it was her camera her camera is old that's why the pictures looked like that. And as you can see in the picture he is a mess yellow staining and he had mats in his fur. Which I asked her about but she said she groomed him before she sent him.

Mar 30, 2014

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