Upclick / unscrupulous business practice

Quebec City, Canada

Was trying to install a program, couldn't, so I had to call. Talk to sr tech, and he did remote, was telling me that I had trojans, and in so many words saying that he could fix the problems. I was listening as he was going on, and he finally came around to the price. I remember talking to the same man a few months ago. The conversation got heated, and he hung up. I thought the price was high then. I am a disabled, retired senior citizen, on a fixed income, so I asked if he would take monthly payments.He said for me to call the number on the back of my credit card, and they would do the payments.I let them go ahead with the repair. After 15 minutes, I called the credit union, explained the problem, . They never heard of such a thing. The one who provides the service makes the arrangements. The programs the tech installed didn't do any good, and was never told what he had done. I have sent them 2 emails, no answer. They have sent me documents to sign but I haven't done so. The charge for this was $339.00.
S Ross

Sep 06, 2014

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