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I have just learned from the home phone TV and internet company MAGNET that, in order to provide me with their phone and internet service they cannot use the fibre optic cables which UPC recently installed on my property. They instead have to use the Eircom cables which provide a similar but less efficient service at a higher cost. Why is this? Why do UPC have a monopoly on their cables making it so that, I cannot now choose which company I want to do business with? And judging from the number of complaints I have read on consumer user sites, I certainly do not wish to do business with them. This couples with the fact that, if I do sign up for any of the services they now provide since the intallation of their cables, I also agree to giving them unlimited access to my property at all times and without having to seek my permission.

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  • Kh
      26th of Nov, 2010
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    I do not understand this complaint...NO, of course the company that owns the lines are not going to allow another company to use THEIR lines to provide you service. Why would you even think they should? And the lines are ran thru the easement, not 'thru your property'. You do NOT own the easement.

  • Co
      27th of Nov, 2010
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    Hi Kloee
    Thanks for your reply to my thread. However I note that are based in USA and I'm based in Ireland. When I wrote my comment yesterday, I thought I was using an Irish complaints website. I now realise that it's in fact an American one. So alth your comment may be true in the US it does not apply in Ireland. We introduced laws (in line with Europe) about 10 years ago making it illegal for any one company to have a monopoly over the market. As a result we can now choose from serveral suppliers for our gas, electricity, telephone and internet providors. In fact I would have thought that this law would also apply in the US where, thanks to competition your country is far cheaper than ours where there tends to be a lack of choice.
    With regard to the cabling, yes they belong to UPC, but no, UPC cannot now prevent me from subsrcribing to another supplier and are obliged under fair competition laws to allow me to subscriibe to another internet and telephone cable supplier by allowing the cometitor to rent the cable infrastructure from them. This is what happened to the original telephone provider in Ireland, the state owned company Eircom.

    I hope this clarifies my pont of view for you.

    Best regards and looking forward to your reply. But please keep it friendly and respectful of each one's point of view. After all there'e enough negativity in the world already without us adding to it, n'est-ce pas?

    PS What is your position. Are you replying to me as a consumer or as a member of the board, or even a shareholder in UPC or some other service provider??

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