unknown / blue care network of michigan

1 Detroit, ME, United States
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This company has the worst customer service reps ever. I signed up in march of 2017 after my son was born. Made the first payment, waited a few days to to check if it went through and it never was debited from my account. Instead it was debited out of my mother's checking account somehow and they had no explanation as to how that happened. The next month I paid again and still didnt come out, it stated my account didnt exist, which is weird I pay bills the same way every month for 15 years. The next month I paid again and it went through, but just when I thought it was all worked out. They closed my account because they said I havent paid my bill in months. Mind you, i've sent them documents from my bank showing that I authorized payments to them. Never deal with blue care network. They are a bunch of [censor].

Jun 26, 2017

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