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I have not been issued with a pre-scribed book by Unisa-Press (A Historical and Pedagogical Investigation of Childhood Education for PGCE402A) since I ordered and paid for it on 5 April 2017, due to a faulty fax line printed on their order form although Postnet confirmed that it had gone through. I was only notified telephonically by Unisa Press of this delay on 26 April as they noticed money deposited in their bank account from me. I e-mailed all my details and the details of the book to the relevant person at Unisa Press - no reply until I contacted Unisa Press telephonically and spoke to another person who reassured me it is on its way. Until now I have no book.

I enquired at the Post Office and apparently it was processed 3 May and posted from Pretoria to Cape Town on 10 May. However the existing Assignment 1 deadline will now be missed, which is today 15 May. Consequently I cannot do Assignment 1 and will then be disqualified to write the exam at the end of the year for this year module - loosing all my money and wasting my time to get my much needed post-graduate diploma in order to be an earning teacher.

I have contacted the Department to no avail for an extension. I have e-mailed 3 lecturers, explaining my dilemma, called the department since 26 April (with no avail). I received two e-mail replies “we cannot resolve it now when we are faced with exams, we do not have anything to do with prescribed book orders, please contact the Unisa Press” and second e-mail after I explained that all I need is an extension, “I will try and find out if we can postpone” was the same lecturers response on 2nd May, with no further feedback since then.

Any ideas what I can do? Hopefully the book will arrive in 7 working days - 17 May and then I need to read it, study relevant sections related to Assignment 1 and write Assignment 1 and send. My extension would need to be until 30 May the earliest, by then the port is long closed. This disaster is a result of a lack of efficient administration, communication and care on the part of UNISA towards a student. Yet the tutorial letter (101/01/2017) states “We are here to help you and give you the necessary guidance that you need” in its introduction to PGC402A. Very disappointing.

May 15, 2017

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