University of South Africa [UNISA]I don't get a reply back on my registration

It started in 2016.
I registered online to study my PGCE for education. I only had the choice to choose one option of what I like to study. I registered and then I was waiting for a response back from Unisa.
The first response I got back from them was on the 10th 0f December 2016 stating the following:
Dear Student

You are urgently requested to submit the following item(s) or take note of the contents of this letter. If
the item(s) have already been submitted, please ignore this letter.

511 SAQA Evaluation

I did then respond that I don’t know what the SAQA Evaluation is and that they should explain.
I didn’t hear anything back.
The next day I received the following email:
Dear Student

Thank you for your application to study at Unisa during 2017. Your student number is quoted above and
must be used in all correspondence and enquiries with Unisa.

This letter serves to confirm that your application has been received.

You might have already received feedback on the outcome of your application. However if not as yet,
you will receive feedback once your application has been processed. Due to the large number of
applications received, it is anticipated that most applicants will probably receive feedback four
to six weeks after the application period has closed.

I then assume that they are happy with everything.
From then I haven't heard anything back from Unisa.
On the 18th of January 2017 I went to Unisa Polokwane early in the morning sitting there the whole day, while the system is off and on the whole day.
When I got to the counter the guy at the back told me that I need a SAQA certificate from my Collage to say that is SAQA approved. I told him that Design School of Southern Africa is SAQA approved. He told me to go back and get the certificate from them. I Phoned the Design school, they send it to me and, the next morning I was standing in the row again 6 o'clock in the morning in front of the Unisa office again.
The same guy as previously help me again. He took the certificate scanned it and emailed it to application, where he cc’ed me in the email.:
Good Morning

Attached kindly find supporting documents concerning the comment that was written on F851. The student would also, indicated that upon application there was no second option available to her. She would also like to be conceded for the Bed Intermediate 02607 as a second option please.

Until today I phoned every day, emailed them and trying to sort this out, nobody picks up the phone or answer the phone. I can’t take another day off from work to go stand in the row again just to hear that they can't help me.

If I am not registered to study in February 2017 I will lose my job, because this was our agreement with my employer. I am mother with a BA Interior Design Degree that might lose her job because Unisa can’t help me.
I also asked if they can register me for BEd in the meanwhile and still haven’t heard anything.

Jan 25, 2017

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