Universal Adcom / Suspicious billing

1 2921 Avenue E E Arlington, TX 76011, Galax, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-778-6308

This company is out of control. Please avoid them. As a marketing agency, I purchased map advertising from them for a local business and agreed to pay half up front and half on delivery for historical map advertising. 1. They tried to get me to make final payment before delivery even though our agreement was half up front and half on delivery. 2. When that didn't work, they invoiced my client directly, and they invoiced for the full amount even though I paid half up front. 3. When they finally printed the maps three months later, they did not use the ad copy submitted. 4. They never ran the ad they made by us for approval. 5. The ad they made was just text with the business name, and phone number, and an address. Both the phone number and address were wrong. 6. On July 1 I called them to request my money back. They refused to let me speak to the manager who makes those decisions, Lisa Humble. Instead I had to play telephone game with a woman who apparently doesn't give her real name to customers, Denise (aka Marla). After some negotiation, they promised they would refund the money to my credit card. 7. As of 8-15, no refund to my credit card. When I called back, they continue to let me speak to anyone who is allowed to know or do anything (i.e. - Lisa Humble). Marla / Denise promised that the credit had been requested.

Aug 15, 2014

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