United Health Carenot paying claims

My daughter had 2 insurance coverages, United Health care through her stepdad (for 14 yrs) and Cigna Greatwest through her dad as secondary. At some point last year, without anyone contacting us, Cigna decides they are to be primary and UHC secondary. This was suppose to be due to a court order, which did not exist. I was ask to submit a copy of my divorce papers, which I did, to show that there was no order on who was to be primary..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lucedale, MS Cigna decided, when I explained to them, that United health care should be primary because her stepdads birthday made him the oldest and I had primary custody of the children. Still my daughters bills have not been paid. Ugh paid but then took money back. Every time I call, I have to explain my story all over again and then they say they ll have to look into it and call me back, no one ever does. Iwe need some assistance I this matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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