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Just like AgeMedical or Age Enterprises whatever they call themselves. Uniqcare recruitment is the same. They con people into believing they have work ready and all you need is to do some stupid cpr and manual handling courses, that involve you parting with £250 of your hard earned cash. Then give you some certificates that aren't even worth paper they are printed on. Promise to be in touch within a week after training. You never hear back from them. Any attempts to get in touch with them are futile. Run by a extremely obese asian bloke who looks like he could drop any minute as always hyper ventilating and a black guy. All look unprofessional and just bunch of con-artists. Please dont be conned like I did. thanks

Apr 05, 2013
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  • Pe
      Apr 19, 2013

    I answered an ad on Gumtree from the company 'Uniqcare' for a nanny position offering £12.50 an hour. A woman named Jasmine Nahal got back to me a few days later, saying that the job was still available and that the family were interested in meeting me, but first I had to take one of their first aid courses. I was told that once I got this certificate I would get an interview with this family. They said that the course was £100 and that they would need to take a deposit of £50 which I paid. Things seemed a little strange when on the day of the course it became apparent how disorganised and unprofessional the people were who were running the company (it was in a temporary office space and their conduct was particularly unprofessional). I also discovered that all the other nannys on the course had been promised an interview for the same job! (which I don't think even existed). The actual first aid course was also under par with little emphasis on practical exercises. People were also turning up half way through the course (13:00 in the afternoon) and were allowed to stay and obtain the full course certificate!- which itself was crudely printed with pixelation. Its been over two weeks now and I have not received any phone calls, I think it is wrong that a company like 'Uniqcare' is taking advantage of desperate jobs seekers with the promise of a job which doesn't even exist.

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  • Ri
      Apr 22, 2013

    I was called by uniqcare and offered a interview within minutes by a woman named Seema who said she had picked me because of my really good cv even though I only had
    Less than a years experience and said it was only me going for this nanny position and that I would have to go on a course, it was unprofessional when I got there and people came late, and i never got a interview and Seema who i spoke to who was happy to book me for the course is now not willing to help when have asked her for the interview day.
    I am very unhappy with thy I have been treated by uniqcare.

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  • Ar
      Apr 24, 2013

    Me and My Cousin we both together went there for the job they all were professional and they help us soo much and now I am working in NHS Whittington Hospital. the things you have written is impossible i never saw them like this they are really friendly guy because of them i m got a good job you all are fake .

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  • Un
      Jan 23, 2014

    After reading a number of reviews about the company Uniqcare this has now 100% confirmed that I have been scammed by the same company who are now registered under a different business name. Since December 2013 I have been dealing with a company called Unicare based in Ilford London. The same address and building to where Uniqcare used to be. I applied for a nanny job through gumtree and a few days later received a phone call from a women by the name of Mariam Shah who works for Unicare saying that they would like to interview me for the position, but I have to complete their first aid course before being interviewed. My training date was booked with my interview taking place a few days later. This is where I found reading the reviews about Uniqcare very interesting and linked me to believe that UNICARE is the same as UNIQCARE. I read a review on [redacted] and a lady posted a complaint about Uniqcare and the guy she had been dealing with. His name was Dean Rogers. She describe Dean as an extremely obese asian guy. Dean has been mentioned in many other reviews and wouldn't you know it's the same Dean Rogers I have been dealing with at UNICARE. I had the worst first aid training ever and to top it off the interview I went for was taken by another Unicare employee James who had no idea what job I was even going for. How do you interview someone and not know anything about the job. I was told that I was going to be interviewed by someone on behalf of the family and once I realised James had no idea what Job was advertised on gumtree, I new that the job ad was fake and it was all a scam just to get people's money. After calling Unicares office in Ilford a number of times and also sending e-mails it seemed getting a hold of Dean Rogers was impossible. After a good 2 weeks since I went for my interview I finally managed to speak with Dean to ask question's and hopefully get some answers. Off course Dean couldn't answer any of my concerns and all he could say was would you like to take a second first aid course. Why would I want to sit through another course put together by a company who is scamming innocent people who are looking for work. If it wasn't for the ad posted on gumtree and me believing that the nanny job was real I would have never done my first aid training with Unicare. Anyone who was scammed by UNIQACRE and has no longer been able to follow it up due to the company closing down around April 2013 the company is still operating but under the name Unicare Recruit and Dean Rogers is still working there. This company cannot be trusted and will rip you off if you have applied for a job through them. Do not hand over any money if they ask you to complete any of their courses.

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  • Us
      Jan 30, 2014

    UNICARE is the name of the company that called me regarding a gym floor assistant add from gumtree. Now i was not sure if this is a scam or not but after reading others reviews i am starting to believe that something is not right and now i am sorry that i have not read the bad reviews before.
    When they first called me i have told them that i have no qualifications for the job just some experience and the girl on the phone was saying that is fine no worries, i have asked about my duties, pay etc. and after that suddenly i have to do some 200 pounds courses for the job (that is odd ...)
    They arranged me a first aid and a manual handling course (because you need those qualifications for the job that is what they said) for 100 quids each but when they send me the email with the details and address it costs 199 for both courses and 10 quids admin fee (that is a question mark, a serious company should know the prices very well) and they requested a deposit to be paid of 30 quids witch i paid (stupid thing from my behalf ) but after all that i have found on line about them i am not wasting my time going to courses in Ilford (Olympic House, 28-42 Clements Road, Ilford IG1 1BA) or interviews in: Crown house, North Circular Road
    London, NW10 7PN.
    When i wanted to double check the add on gumtree it was expired even do the add was only 2 days old.
    The name of the girl that i have spoken with is Sophie and now if i think about it she was very very helpful in taking my deposit money. Well i hope this will help others not to throw away any money with those odd job adds.

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  • Fa
      Feb 10, 2014

    Unicare in ilford--SCAM SCAM SCAM!! There is No Record of them EVER finding anyone a job. All the employees are targeting on getting you do some training course which they receive commission for! I was scammed and am trying to speak to trading standards now!

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  • Di
      Feb 19, 2014

    Unicare (Training Ilford - Recruitment Crown House. N/Circ.) SCAM SCAM SCAM totally agree My son answered an add on Gumtree for a Gym Floor assistant in Southgate. He had a telephone interview with Steve he was really upbeat but before he could progress to the main interview needed a Manual Handling Certificate, he already had this as part of the Personal Trainer Course he had passed but they insisted that he would not progress to the next stage until he had passed this course. My son had been out of work for a while had no money so we paid £100.00 for the course. He progressed to the next stage Steve confirmed that the interview was with the employer so he turned up and was seen by James who was from the agency, he didn't even know what position my son was interviewing for!

    My son queried this as "Steve" insisted that the interview was with the employer and was told that this was a screening interview only to see if he fit the profile. My son has repeatedly tried to contact Steve at Unicare to find out what was going on only to have the company hang up on him, been told Steve wasn't in the office, Steve unavailable every excuse possible.

    Finally got in contact with them today, He was unsuccessful surprisingly. Personally I don't think there was a position, just a way to scam vulnerable desperate unemployed people out of their money. To cap it all when my son said he would complain "Steve" said it just cost £100 to have the complaint removed and does he want them to contact him if any further positions came up. PLEASE PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY - MAKE THE POSITION IS GENUINE BEFORE YOU PART WITH ANY MONEY.

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  • Fa
      Feb 19, 2014

    I am in talks now with a guy called Martin from Trading Standards and they are investigating the company.
    Please email him regarding this! The more we do will hopefully get Dean Rogers- Director of Unicare shut down!!!

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  • Di
      Feb 19, 2014

    Thanks Fash1 I'm going to forward my complaint today!

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  • Mi
      Feb 21, 2014

    Unfortunately came to realise this 'agency' is a SCAM too late. Applied for the gym assistant job in Southgate they posted on Gumtree and was contacted by Jasmine Johal the next day. She informed me that I had to do the £99 first aid course to book the interview and I would need to pay a £20 deposit. I was told they hold the course every Saturday and my interview would be booked on the Friday after completing the course. I of course googled the company but couldn't find anything at the time so I thought they were legit despite only offering an interview after YOU have given them MONEY for this course. Did sound a bit off but I obviously misjudged the situation due to being unemployed and wanting to get a job ASAP. So I go to do the course at their dingy Ilford unit (Olympic House, 28-42 Clements Road, Ilford, IG1 1BA) and this obese Asian Dean guy everyone has mentioned in all the UNIQCARE and Unicare complaints is in charge of taking everyone's hard earned cash for the course. He tells me the course is actually £110 because of the admin fee. I explain that at no point was this communicated to me but it's no problemooo as there are several cash points outside. There were about 20 people MINIMUM doing this course and the man handling course later on in the day. How much money must these cons make every week from vulnerable unemployed people trying their best to get work?? At the end of the course they present you with their certificate that they whip up that morning. On the Friday I went for the 'screening' interview at the Wembley branch (Crown house, North Circular Road, London, NW10 7PN) another random building full of offices to rent, I can't get any info about the job as the guy interviewing me says the employer wants their interview (if you are successful at the screening stage) to be as 'organic' as possible. Okaayy... In other words, you can't ask about the company or get any info because the whole thing is a bloody SHAM. The guy says that you'll be contacted in two weeks max and if you're not successful you can discuss other options with the agency... So yes, you've guessed it I have not heard anything since then and attempts to get in contact with the lovely Jasmine have been unsuccessful. Their phone line is constantly 'busy', emails are not replied to.. you get the gist. I'm making this complaint here in the hope that as many people as possible make their complaints and report these FRAUDS so they are stopped and cannot con any more vulnerable people.

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  • Ju
      Feb 26, 2014

    Hi everyone,
    I've been scammed by them too and I agree, we have to do something so I was about we all go on a Saturday and pay them a visit asking for our money back. I am planning to do so this weekend. Is anyone else interested in doing this?

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  • Di
      Feb 27, 2014

    Hi All
    Please contact martin.[protected] from Trading Standards with your complaint as he is investigating this company.
    send him an email with details of your complaint, you will be invited to make a statement and bring along copies of any receipts, copies of correspondence etc.
    The more of us that complain it make a better case against them
    Good Luck everyone!

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  • Te
      Mar 03, 2014

    Hi everyone, i have been scammed in the same way by the same guys in past month and am furious. Thanks for your help. I will email martin and let him know.

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  • Je
      Mar 20, 2014

    I too have been scammed by these guys - under the name of apple recruitment.
    I have reported them to Trading Standards, to Gum Tree and to Action Fraud.
    I think what people should do is go down to their training site prior to the training and warn the new trainees. I am guess they do this at least every other week, if not every week. What ###s.

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  • An
      Apr 15, 2014

    They work as APPLE RECRUIMENT now and they are FRAUDS.
    I got scammed in the exact same way as the stories I read on these message boards, I can't believe they're still in business.
    I will send my story to Trading Standards. Does anyone know if there's a way to warn HSBC that on if their accounts is being used to scam people in such an organized way? The day I had my training there were about 30 people and they run these every week, it's ridiculous. The are making loads of money by scamming unemployed good willing people, I think that's a scandal.

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  • Ch
      Apr 16, 2014

    i cannot believe this has just happened to me if only i had seen this website earlier!!! me and my mother went together my mum spent her last and i did not get my attendance certificate so i called the police and put in an complaint . The interview was disgustingly unprofessional after i called straight away asking to get my money back i was put in circle to every person possible . this is definitely a scam im glad this page is up to show how low life these people are i wanted to create a website my self more people need to know in times like this where unemployment is high aswell we cannot be paying our last on these dirty scamming people

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  • Ch
      Apr 16, 2014

    i think we should arrange a day if we could to go down there all together please let me know who wants to go through with this
    my email is [protected]

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  • An
      Apr 16, 2014

    I'm not sure going down there is going to help. And not planning on putting myself in to danger.

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  • Eb
      Apr 29, 2014

    am in the same situation as the rest of you guys, i am more then wiling to go down there i had to really scrap together that £100 they took. i am free every wednesday i would luv to go next week alot of us need to go down there and i bet they wouldnt call the police. hit me up on [protected] am annie this shouldnt keep happening.

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  • Br
      May 19, 2014

    Today i have received a phone call from an agency called You & I recruit and the lady told me she found a job for me in a hospital as a health care assistant and that i will be suitable for this position.
    The same story she told me that i have to do a CPR course and pay 20£ deposit and when i will arrive at the course i will pay the rest of the money.The price of the course 99 £ all together.
    It seem very strange for me somebody asking me for money first and then you will have the interview.
    She ask me for my card details but i was suspicious so i didnt give it to her but after talking more on the phone i end up transfering the 20£ into her account.
    Later i did a research on google and the company name doesnt appear on line.Then i found this website with all people caplaining about them and i realise but is to late now.
    I just want something to get done about them and i dont want other people to fall for this the way i did.
    Thank you

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  • Ti
      May 24, 2014
    Uniqcare recruitment - Scam!!
    United Kingdom

    So. I saw an ad on gumtree for a physiotherapist assistsnt job. I was like yh lemme apply for it. Got a call from a woman she told me about the role and what id be doing. She sounded ever so genuine. Then she goes i need to pay for my training 199pounds. I was like let me talk to my dad. She said cool. My dad did say he had a funny feeling about this and how he wont pay. I was determined to get a job to i asked my mother. She just gave me 70. I went to the place 6th Floor, Room 606, 28-42 Clements Road, Ilford, London (east) lG1 1BA. The people did not look professional it was an asian man nd a blackman. We were supposed to start at 9 we started at 1030and the first aid man had to leave at 11 who was flipping ###. Didnt get nothing out of it. My group and i began to have doubts about all this. And we demanded for our money back and how we believe this is a scam. They just kept making excuses and saying No its not. We said how this company isnt registered also. They said how they are and how we should search them on the computer. 'Apple recruitment' He said he ll bring us information which he didnt. The courses were not 200pounds. Should have been 10pounds. And ive read these complaints a bit too late and i just discovered iv acc been scammed. Which is sad taking money from peopl who need money.

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  • La
      Jun 27, 2014

    Yesterday someone contact me, after i sent my answer for a job as physio assistant!telling me that i must have this course CPR in ilford and i will get the job, very good payment!!!is not first time!they don.t give you job never, they just need money for some rubbish courses!!!nobody see them in this country what are they doing????

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  • Ca
      Jun 27, 2014

    Same story...paid £20 under pressure then realized too late, it was a scam.
    Apparently it takes up to fourteen days to get a refund!
    I explained I want my money back straight away.
    The woman is very nice on the phone and appears to be quite caring.
    But its all a BIG CON.

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  • Fe
      Jul 09, 2014

    My name is Felix and I am another victim of this Fraud. I went to get this trainning the 7th of June 2014and until now I haven't received any certification, From the first moment i always smelled something was wrong. But never is too late I am here with all of you. Today 09/07/2013 Just reported this fraud and hopefully we all can get together to suit these people who has no heart for anyon e. I have still contact with 3 people who has attended with me that day and we all want to go until the end if you want to join us on this please add me on 07821209224

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  • Mi
      Oct 21, 2014

    Hi there to all those who has complained. Firstly I would like to personally apologise to all you victims. I worked there for a week, when I got the job I thought it was legit, after my first day I started getting doubts when I saw I had to give the same job to different people it just didn't make sense. And I had candidates call in out of anger that they were scammed. I took action and notified my managers about it, they didn't seem to care that's when I realised it was a scam. After I told them I will involve the police I was sacked.

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