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Ultimate Shopping Network / Fraud business practices!

1 United States

Poor quality, returned merchandise, no refund. On 9/3/2006 I ordered a ring from the Ultimate Shopping Network (USN) and $1,649.00 was charged to my account on that day. I received the ring two or three weeks later. I was very disappointed with the quality of the ring and returned it within a week of receiving it. I followed their instructions for the return and have documentation of proof of their receipt of the return on September 29, 2006. Since I had no reason to believe that they would not honor their USN SATISFACTION GUARANTEE , I patiently waited to receive the credit to my charge account. In a subsequent phone conversation with USN customer service I was informed that it would take two billing cycles to process the credit to my charge account. By December 26, 2006 when I still had not received my credit I sent them an E-mail inquiring about the reason for the delay. I received and have a copy of an e-mail from Jesse Mcfarland that said “ We are very sorry for the inconvenience and the delay. Your E-mail will be forwarded to the appropriate parties and resolved shortly. Would you be interested in using this as a store credit for the full purchase amount, plus an additional 10% because of the inconvenience you have experienced? This credit can be used for any product from the new ULTIMATE SHOPPING NETWORK. Please let us know… Again, we are very sorry for the troubles and do thank you for your patience. Happy Holidays! Customer Service-“ I know now this was just a delay tactic. My response to them was that I was so disappointed with the quality of the ring that I was afraid that I would only be disappointed again and further delay my refund. I thanked them for the offer but requested that they please just refund my money. I guess that I am gullible, but I just couldn’t believe that this company that was advertising on Direct TV and represented itself as an established shopping network would deliberately steal my $1,649.00. This purchase was the first and last time that I will ever trust any shopping network with that kind of purchase. It just happened to be my 31st Anniversary and on TV it was shown as a beautiful Anniversary ring. When I had not received my credit by February, I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge. That is when I learned that I should have disputed the charge immediately. This is not something that I do normally so I was unaware of the time constraints. American Express said that they would try to resolve the issue. I heard nothing more from them until May 18th when they wrote me informing me that they were unable to receive the information from the merchant and therefore were removing the temporary credit and re-charging the $1,649.00 to my account. This was an extravagant purchase that I am not accustomed to doing and not an amount that I could so easily write off. I was so upset that they decided to re-open the investigation of this company. I am hoping that they will be successful in tracking down these criminals and permanently crediting this amount to my account. I do know for sure that this will never happen to me again. Lesson Learned.

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