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Morning, how are you?, I've never written anything like this before. Im so very extremely upset. I hope that somebody here will be able to help me. I can give a brief description of my experience at ULTA. New location opened fridsy 1/20/2017(the manager on Sunday evening is going to make a bad impression for this new store). This store just opened close to my house. Which means i dont have to drive 45 min anymore. For christmas my grandfather got me so much great stuff from ulta. I just had a baby and have not been out much. So from the catalog and online, i made a list of things i would like to try. (My surprise, my grandfather got me quite a bit. The list i gave him had some options i liked but i was happy to try so many new things) he has never shopped at ulta before. Nor he will prob not go back. So he doesn't have rewards card. He didn't think i would not care for a few things so didnt include receipt w my gift. Ive tried thesr products and just wasnt happy w some. My face broke out bad and few things just were not for me. I thought i was stuck w the makeup when i read online i could getba store credit for the items i couldn't use. I called the store and was told i could bring them back for a credit. I was excitrd thst i could get a credit to try some other new things. Having a baby, getting myself pretty and feeling good is important. I did expect to possibly not get the full dollar amount. But worse case 50 to 75% worth i woukd of been happy. My horrible experience was i went into the new store. The store mgr for the night told me i would get the value based on how much customers bought the product for. I knew the products were popular so i said oj .See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Bellingham, MA As she scanned each item, she was so incredibly rude. Even the store associate originally helping me, her jaw dropped and she couldn't believe the dollar value the manager was plugging in. Everything wss so fast and she scanned in a gift card totaling $1986! I was so confused and upset that i said nevermind. At that price, il giv.e the items away to a friend or something. She could clearly tell i was pissed and just walked away. I siad my face was broken out and the credit amt wss absolutely ridicules . I coukdnt even afford to get something else with that credit. I said i should just take it back. She said "we close in 5 min ". Before i got angry and made a fool of myself yelling, i left and called the ULTA customer care number. And now am emailing you. The customer care said that amount was ridiculas. I callws the other ulta store 45 min away and they couldn't believe it either. This store was open 2 days, the manager on duty Sunday evening wasnt going to make a god name for the store. I am extremely angry, embarrassed, and feel very cheated. I hope someone can call or email me back to get me my products back or the credit for something else with the credit deserved. The lancome mascara was valued at 32.00 for example. The woman could see it was brand new. Used 2x. She typed in a $0.01 credit!!! I expected maybe the whole value toward something different, maybe even 25 dollar credit, but not a penny! Like i said, i disnt have a receipt so expected thr possibility of getting less then the value, but NEVER expected to be treated so badly and basicly insulted with the credit. I wanted to get something different my Christmas present return credit. lThank you very much,
Sara wheeler

Jan 23, 2017
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  •   Jan 28, 2017

    It is used, which means they can not resell it. You are lucky to get anything with no receipt anyway.

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  • Br
      Feb 13, 2017

    I agree with Wine Is Good. Would you want to buy mascara that was used, whether it be two times or 20 times? If the store were to refund on used products they'd lose an awful lot of money.

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