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On December 20, 2012, I called to make hair cut appointments for me and my daughter. I asked if we could have appointments together. I was told we would both be scheduled for the following day. She said I would have a regular appointment and my daughter, I told her was 14, would receive a Jr. hair cut. We also scheduled to have our eyebrows waxed on the same day. I was told that we had haircut appointments at 3:00 and to arrive early because I my eyebrow wax was scheduled at 2:40 just before my haircut and my daughter's would be done following the haircut appointments. We arrived at 2:40 and checked in. My daughter was taken back first. I followed to explain how I would like her hair cut. This was just before 3:00. At 3:10, I went back up to the check-in desk because I had still not had my wax or been taken back for my haircut appointment. The girl there, Keyshara, apologized and said that she was running late due to traffic. I was brought back and my daughter came to me at 3:20 and we Keyshara again went to check on her eyebrow wax and they could still not locate the person to wax her eyebrows. After my appointment ended, she printed out my sheet for the register and was going to walk me and my daughter over for our eyebrow wax. It was now about 3:45. My daughter handed me her haircut printout. Her charge was $40! Mine was $35. I was told my daughter stated she was 14 and that the Jr cut was only for patrons 11 and under. I was NOT told this when making the appointment and when she was asked her age(while getting her hair washed) did not inform me that she was too old for the cut. She was also a D2 level stylist which was an additional $5 charge. My daughter received a wash, trim, and blow dry. No products were used after the shampoo and cut. Nor was a flat iron or any other styling tool used. Even my $35 D1 stylist cut allowed me to have my hair straightened with a flat iron. Once the manager, Paris, was called to speak to me. She explained that the Jr cut was only for children 11 yrs old and younger. I explained what I was told and told by Paris that there was NOTHING they could do about it and I should have/needed to ask questions before services were started. If my daughter was asked her age and they KNEW she would not receive a Jr, why was I never informed. I did ask when the appointment was made over the phone! Had I known this, we would not have scheduled these appointments at that time! I feel completely mislead especially since my daughter received a Jr cut in 2011 which was in the history under her name at which time she was 13! I didn't end up getting my eyebrow wax because I told her I just couldn't afford it with the other charges and apologized.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Columbia, SC Sierra, the lady who was to wax my eyebrows, asked me my birthday which is in a couple of weeks, and stated that I could have them done for free on my birthday! Paris, the manager, directed me to the store/district manager, not clear because neither of these employees introduced themselves or apologized for the misunderstanding. Instead, I stood in line to pay because no one EVER came back to speak to me to let me know what was going on or who would be speaking with me! Beth B. is the person at the register when I got to the front of the line and I explained that I saw Paris talking to her and wanted to know if she could help me. She told me that she had "little wiggle room" to help me. She brought, Keyshara, to the front to speak with us because she made my appointments and asked her if I told her my daughter's age when I called. She said, "no" and that was that. She said, "There you go!" Really?!?!? Her word against mine?!?! Why would she have been listed on the appointment as a Jr cut if we had not had a conversation about it when the appointment was made. Paris, in the mean time, pulled up my daughter's history in the computer and brought us back to look at it. She said, "See. Last time she had her hair cut, you used a coupon." I told her to check under her name without the middle initial and there it was. JR cut in April of 2011. She said how could I be sure that that listing was my daughter? Wow, that's how we treat customers that spent $75 for two 15 min haircuts. How unprofessional and to top it off Paris once told me that she has clients that pay $45 for a 15 minute cut. Well, that is good in well if they are willing to pay that amount, but I am not! Beth said she would give us 20%discount and that is the ONLY thing that could be done. They did not have any other codes in the computer to make further adjustments. I will admit that I was teary-eyed and lost my cool when I was continuously told that I should have asked. Why should Ulta not be responsible for letting me know that I would have to pay full price plus $5 additionally for my 14 yr old to have a haircut. Beth B. said that they need to make changes to their policies to explain charges before hand. I had had haircuts at this salon a handful of times and was never charged more that $35. The pamphlet I was given today states that Haircut and Style start at *$35. The * at the bottom states, "Please note that additional charges may apply based on density of hair, heat styling, flat ironing or other accommodations that are made. Ask your Salon Professional for details." NOWHERE DOES IT STATE THE LEVEL OF THE STYLIST, D1, D2 OR OTHERWISE. I am a school I constantly preach to my students to "ACCEPT RESPONSIBLITY." No one at your store apologized and that is disappointing on so many levels. An apology would have probably kept me from writing this complaint, left feeling so dissatisfied, and continuing to be a customer at your store. I did ask before the time of service, but Ulta failed to inform me of any changes. I truly hope that your policies and charges are stated before services are given.

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  • Fo
      Dec 21, 2012

    If you are so hard up, why did you have a 14 year old's eyebrows waxed? That is completely unnecessary. Also you could save more money and go to a beauty school for the services that you want done.

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  • Li
      Dec 21, 2012

    Thanks for your comment! I am glad to see that this site is read by somebody. Even if your comment isn't the feedback I was looking for, I am glad that you made your comment, so I have opportunity to clear up your apparent misunderstanding about my post. It was not about paying money or being "hard up" for money. If you read the entire complaint, you would see that I verified the type of appointment for both of us and planned to pay accordingly. The complaint is about the way I was treated. Just like your comment, I was treated with little respect.

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  • Ki
      Feb 28, 2017

    If you ever go back there make appointments in store. There might be less issues that way. I always make mine in store.

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  • Ba
      Jul 17, 2017

    The Ulta menu, both online and on paper, states the "starting at" prices. Stylists taking your calls cannot possibly anticipate every question you may have until you ask them. Lucky for you, your D2 stylist was much more experienced than the D1 stylist, and is therefore compensated for that experience, and your cut reflects the benefit of that experience. As you are no doubt aware, most salons occasionally have a backlog when clients are a few minutes late, or the stylist spends a little extra time making sure everything is perfect before sending the client out the door. You may someday be the client requiring a little extra attention, in which case you will receive it at Ulta. Still in a hurry? Go to Supercuts. Oh, and, they do eyebrows too!

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