Uhaul Truck Rental In Bellevue WAtruck rental switch and bate

Wo Dec 24, 2014 Bellevue WA

I showed up on time to get the truck only to be told that I would have to pay 2 days rental because they were closing at 3:00 instead of 5:00 and I need to return the truck at 4:00 as I stated on the reservation. I did not have enough money to rent the truck for 2 days. The business owner said that this was her business and she would not comply with the reservation. I called the company phone # and they told the owner she had to comply with the reservation and she said there was no way to ensure that we were not out driving it all weekend and that they would not be back for 3 days. Than she said that I would have to pay an additional $10.00 for late return and I would be responsible for the truck until they checked it in 3 day later. After nearly half an hour on the phone, I gave up and told them that I would file a complaint with the Attorneys General of WA state, and I did not trust them and would have to go elsewhere. It took me 2 hours to find another truck for rent on Christmas Eve. By the time I got there and singed out the truck I was 2 1/2 hours late to meet the movers who left because they had other jobs to do and couldn’t wait any longer. I lost my deposit for the movers and It cost me an additional $240 to hire two helpers to do the move.
I am 56 years old and disabled, I live on only $800 a month. It took me months to save the money for this move, and I only had one day that I could make the move. I work as a livein caregiver and had to hire respect care to take the day off for the move, and so I had to pay over time for 2 additional hours at $30 an hour. So a move that was to cost about $258 to $280 for the truck and mileage and the movers now has cost me $252 for the truck and mileage and $250 for the first movers and an additional $250 to hire day labors do the moving and 2 hours over time at $30. for the respect care giver so I could take this day off. I had planed this and barrowed money so that I would have the money for the move and still pay my rent and utilities due on the 1St of January. Because of this mess and having to move this day I now do not have the money to pay my rent and utilities.
As I said I would when I decided that your company could not be trusted, I will be forwarding this issue to the Washing State Attorneys General, the local news papers, and the internet.

Marry Christmas, I certinaly did not have one.

PS, I rented from Pensky and they were wonderful to me

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