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UFX markets / Fraud action

1 Belize Review updated:

Dear Sirs
I have been exposed to fraud action by a scam company existing in Belize, I lost 18000$ at once.
Company name and adress:
UFX Trade Limited
35 New Road, Belize City
+44.203.608.1558 Fax: +44.203.608.1559

Belize International Business Company Act 2000 with Registration Number 136450, who is the holder of the trade name UFXMarkets .

Please advice how to take the legal actions against this fraud company which lives on sucking people money.

I would like to pay your attention that there are more than 30 complaints previously with total loss of 1.8 million $.

your support in this issue is much appreciated

May 24, 2014
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  • No
      19th of Jun, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I have been lied at by my account manager. He told me to make a winning deal with gold and i lost 21, 000 dollars today. I kept calling London from the UAE and it took them quite some time to respond. They were making me put more money to "save" myself, but i didnt have extra money. He told me that he was watching my account the whole time... and whats funny was that i kept losing more and more money as the deal was going on yet he did not call or do anything, claiming it was "normal" that numbers fluctuate. I ended up losing 90% of my money. He told me I had to find a way to get 9000 dollars. Then he "promised" to find another way. I ended up losing another 700 dollars. i couldnt believe it happened. My account manager ignored my emails. I ended up calling a lawyer here in Dubai after withdrawing what i had left. i dont know how this will go...

  • Al
      7th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

    UFX still all may money I hade $20000 all lost when I refuse to top up moor cash to my trading account, they ask me to add 10000 dollar to save the original balance total trading account $20000, simply this scam is to simple the account manager open a high risk position in gold and oil than the next day all the money are lost. is a totally clear ufx a scam bank operating united kingdom I believe in justice they must be stop .

  • Ag
      12th of Nov, 2015
    +3 Votes

    ufx is a big big trape company. What is the method to do complaint against these company from dubai

  • Re
      26th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    dear ali taoui pls email me may be i can help u to retrieve your money email id is

  • La
      5th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    I am in the same situation. I live in Abudhabi, i have deposited a big amount & now iam asked to deposit the same save my account.
    how can i retrieve the amount i paid already.. any help please

  • Ja
      9th of Oct, 2017
    0 Votes

    I was ripped off by a bogus broker not too long ago I had to hire a solution professional who helped with my recovery process. I suggest using this refund method.

  • Ch
      13th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    I live in the states I had a similar experience with a scam broker a while ago it was very hard to get a withdrawal even after several attempts. I had to hire a recovery firm to get a refund. I suggest doing the same. I started trading with a different broker and its been smooth ever since. chrishart6501atgmaildotcom

  • Ka
      9th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    Trading with 72options has been a nightmare for me but with the help of a recovery expert i was able to recover my money. Happy to share my experience and to also enlighten people on how i was able to recover my money. Visit and they would handle your recovery smoothly.

  • An
      19th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    STAY AWAY from UFX Markets. They are known for rigging a lot of fake reviews and are a very manipulating. They will keep your deposit cash and only force you to invest more, and as all this scam brokers they will refuse all your tries for withdraw. If you are EU citizen, you are not allowed to buy any binary options since 3 August 2018. Do your investment at your own bank, where you can go and see the people who is involved. This UFX is a company that are occupied with hiding themselves from the law. Don?t join them. You will regret it!

  • Ri
      2nd of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    let capitalchargeback, com help you to fight against these fraudsters and recover your money. I had invested hundreds of thousands and all would have been lost if not for capitalchargeback, com who turned the tables in my favor and got all of my money back. They are totally worth it

  • Mi
      20th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    One wouldn't really think much of this, all I really wanted to do was invest and be part of it but the way I was misled by this brokers was terrible, to easily take money from all in the name of investment and when I wanted to make withdrawals every single attempt was fruitless with constant hassle to invest more I really can't say more than I have already said. I would really consider myself to be one of the very few lucky ones as I was able to have my funds recovered from this scam Binary option brokers, although it was through unethical means as far I am concerned but what can I care after how my hard-earned funds where taken from me, these guys are the best in less than 7days all my funds including bonuses had been recovered, If your broker lost your funds trading Binary options or any other online fraud, wealthrecovery94 at geemail
    dot com are more than able to get your funds back without any traces. Best of luck people.

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