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i bought their trial cost of 140 each using my friends credit card and when we recieved the bill they charged us 280 pesos twice and 7110 twice. i email them regarding the amount and they say that i have to check the their sites. It means they have hidden charges or they a scammer. They charhed their consumer without telling them the real amount of their product. When tbe consumer started to compplaint they have lots of explanation that we have to this to that, and so on and so for. the attched filed proof that they chrged me the wrong amout. you may check the real price.of their trial by searching it thru facebook by typing true cambogia. may i add they also block my acct to send them messages in facebook and to make comments to their site. hope.that you can help me with this. Thanks

True Cambogia Purslim

Jan 29, 2015
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  • Sm
      Feb 19, 2015

    I purchased this product too! $70 AUD for a 5 month supply of true cambogia and purslim. When I checked my account $385 AUD has been debited!!!

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  • Th
      Feb 22, 2015

    see?, they overcharged their client. am.planning to file.complaint against them.,

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  • Em
      Mar 25, 2015

    I have purchased this product too dor £8.00 and got charged another £158 and got an email from a woman to gove her money to go on holiday!!!

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  • Li
      May 06, 2015

    I also bought their product at £8 and was charged a furthur £158! A few emails were exchanged about the matter but they are now ignoring me completely!

    Did anyone here manage to get a refund?

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  • Li
      May 09, 2015

    I thought I was ordering a free trial of both purslim and true Cambodia, paying for p&p only. After I entered my payment details I received 2 emails telling me they were taking £160 twice. I emailed them straight back asking for the order to be cancelled, as of yet i've had no confirmation of that. I have contacted my bank who have agreed to reverse the payments which in the space of 5 minutes had been taken from my account. The bank have also cancelled my card so they can not attempt to take payment again. Total scam. Today I have learnt a major life lesson.

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  • An
      May 20, 2015

    The same thing happened to me I was told I would be paying £3.98 for a bottle and £8 for 2 trials and I immediately got an email saying shipping cost £8 and the total cost is £160 I emailed their contact details and I tried to call their number but nothing worked I got intouch with my bank who told me the money was yet to be debited so I should get in touch with the company. After a very rude email replied to the initial email I received they ensured my order was canceled and I will be refunded

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  • Co
      May 21, 2015

    Ok hi guys
    So I also had the same issue went to buy the products for four pounds each ended up paying £158 for each bottle...and that was only for the trial if I kept them I would of been charged over 268 pounds for each bottle...however I have an email address for their "customer service" if u will now it's our time to get back at them they normally don't reply unless it's good news so try and get their attention by liking their product and then give them hell they might not reply after that but if you put a sweet subject in the email they will sure as hell see it at least...btw they will only refund you if you send the product back and keep receipts for proof!
    [protected] I managed to get one refund of £158 but not for the other bottle...yet
    Hope this works for you

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  • Nc
      May 26, 2015

    I have been chasing since Feb 2015 for a refund as I sent the items back unopened - they reimbursed me with one batch but not the other (just like Connie0536) it is like they think I will go away and be happy with one refund - the total still owning is £158 plus interest. nobody is getting back to me. Anyone have any tips how I can get there attention to pay their dues

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  • Do
      May 27, 2015

    At least I'm not the only one who has been SCAMMED by these guys. Like us all I was told €4 per product x 2 and was charged €169 x 2!! I have followed their terms and conditions and have yet to receive my refund. I am not giving up though. I have the proof of postage and delivery to their address. I have emails from them stating I'll get my refund if I follow the T&C's. I have, all of them!!Their site claims 60 days to process refund... Funny that, considering it took them 6 seconds to debit my account! Its reassuring to hear that some of you have got a refund. I will make it my lifes ambition to ensure I get my full refund.

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  • Ru
      Jun 03, 2015

    Yes I have also been scammed by these guys. I was charged much more that the free trial and I even returned the product unopened silly me as I am even further out of pocket. I sent them proof of purchase and they have not been in touch since I will keep trying. I even questioned their confirmation email which I did not confirm as I had decided not to go ahead with it and forgot all about it until about 3-4 weeks later the product arrived and then saw my bank account in minus.

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  • Oe
      Jun 15, 2015

    I too was scammed, I thought I was ordering a free trial of both purslim and true Cambodia, paying for p&p only. After I entered my payment details I received emails telling me they were taking £157 twice. I emailed them straight back asking for the order to be cancelled, and contacted my bank, but the bank claimed they cant stop the payment as it was online payment. I have checked my account and they have taken £157 twice, haven't received and goods yet. Total scam, cant believe I am caught in such an evil scam, I am always so careful.

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  • Ja
      Jun 20, 2015

    This has also just happened to me this week. I also hadn't confirmed the order of both true Cambogia and pureslim but they have still taken 2x £157 out of my bank. I have sent an email to the cancellations department, the day after I had ordered it, in fact, I've sent numerous emails, no reply. Have been to my bank this morning, they can't trace the company for a phone number so have given me the number for trade and standards( they're closed today). Huge scam, they should be ashamed of themselves, this is false advertising!

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  • 19
      Jun 25, 2015

    I've just done this also, really mad and can't believe how low some company's can be, thought I was only paying £8 x 2 but they have taken £157 x 2, sent loads of emails to them by reply of their email confirming my order, phoned my bank straight away within half hour of ordering and they have reimbursed me and starting their own investigations as they have mislead me, they have a dept that will find these kind of people and get the money back from them. Hopefully if enough people complain to trading standards they can stop this company from trading.

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  • Ka
      Jul 06, 2015

    I too have been scammed and it has really hit my finances hard and means I cannot pay my mortgage this month. And I daren't tell my husband.
    I thought I was paying a special postage offer of £2.95 for a no risk free 14 days trial.
    I completed the ordering process and it wasn't until the very end when I had a message stating I would be charged £157 x2 plus £8 x2 postage. I immediately filled in all their forms to cancel the order, and emailed 3 different departments to cancel. I tried their customer services phone number but that didn't work.
    Horror of horrors I found that they took the money out of my bank within 10 minutes, effectively taking my mortgage money. I phoned the bank but they cannot do anything as I didn't use a credit card and debit cards are not covered for online transactions.
    I have received an email from them today stating that if I read their term and conditions I will find that they DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS DUE TO HEALTH AND SAFETY SO I CANNOT GET MY MONEY BACK. I emailed them back and stated the following, copied from their terms:-and accused them of lying.
    14 DAY TRIAL
    You may elect to try our products for 14 days evaluation. You must pay the shipping in advance and the price of the product will be billed after 14 days if you don’t return the product.
    Shipment of the Product is contingent on successful processing of any applicable fees payable at the time of ordering. If you are placing a Single Order your credit card will be charged a shipping fee and the product cost on the day you place your order
    The Company reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice.
    Subject to the "Risk Free Trial" and EU Directive 97/7/EC*, the Company's products may not be returned unless the product is defective or damaged.

    Oh my god, how can this happen?? What utter lies and serious fraudulent practices. I am going to seek online legal advice to see if there is anything i can do about getting my money back, they took it from me on the 29th June and up to today 6th July i haven't even received my items.

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  • Sm
      Jul 08, 2015

    I too fell for the Pur Slim and Tru cambogia disguised offer and have ended up with an attempt by various sellers to take significant sums ()2 x £157), (1x $76.70 and 1x $ 10.78) all above and beyond what I expected (2x 2.99) from my bank account. So, CANCEL order(s) immediately however you do it (see below) and notify your bank asap. Common support helpline number for UK for both Pur slim and True cambogia is [protected]. It says you can cancel using this number. It is a recorded message and you need to leave your details and details of order you want cancelled. Also there's an email [protected] and [protected], so email both. Both sites refer to another website-re cancellation- If you go to that site, you can cancel by submitting a form on line. Contact address for CAmbogia is Postbus 46, 4020BA, Maurik, Netherlands and for Pur Slim it is 4116ZJ, Buren, Netherlands. For related orders of Optimum Cleanse and Green Coffee Bean call [protected], calls from UK should be made after 14.30 UK time. I immediately notified my bank (Nationwide) of suspected fraud and they were very helpful and put a block on all further activity and initiated a dispute claim regarding the money charged. Keep copies of all emails and telephone calls made as evidence. Important-Banks offer protection for payments made using credit and debit cards. For debit cards, they have a charge back scheme- different providers have different rules, but if successful you can recover all monies paid. 'Which' offers guidance on this- . UK Consumers are also protected by law, for on-line sales -UK- Distance Selling Regulations apply and E Commerce Directive. These companies in their on-line transactions do not appear to abide by legal requirements for on-line sales. As such they can't rely on their terms. Example- they must provide full details of all costs and delivery charges up front, they must set out a right to cancel, they must confirm everything after order is placed but before delivery is made; they must give consumer an opportunity to correct any errors in the order and so on. They don't do this. Full rights information is at Even if seller won't respond to your cancellation request, banks should be able to help with charge back on debit cards or under Consumer Credit Act 1974 for credit card transactions over £100. I also reported matter to Trading Standards UK (European Consumer Centre) on [protected] and Action Fraud on [protected] (if there is fraudulent activity regarding the transaction, they will refer matter to police for investigation (National Fraud Police Bureau). Good luck!!

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  • Cl
      Jul 18, 2015

    I have been scammed also!! I was lead to believe I was just paying for postage! 2x payments of £157 are pending on my credit card 😞 called credit card company, they say I am covered but have to wait for items to be delivered (if they even will be!!!) I can't even track the company!! I have rang number provided by them but call is ended before it even connects!! Can't email as address doesn't exist!! I am so annoyed, I never fall for things like this usually and always tell my kids, if something looks to good to be true... It is!!! I'm very embarrassed!! How do these people sleep at night?!! I will not let this go!! They need stopping!! And its only us 'fools' that can do it. We must report it to whoever we can! Trading standards will be a good start me thinks.

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  • Em
      Sep 03, 2015

    I tried five times to cancel my order on the 23rd August. The first time was within the hour of abandoning the page. I wanted more infomation and pressed "confirm order" thinking that would lead me to the conditions, price etc.( lile in Amazon and e-bay) but I left the page as I suddenly had a bad feeling. I checked my bank account and 217 euros had been charged to my account. I received one reply on 25th August saying due to health and safety I could not return the pills but they offered me a 30% discount. The order is merely two bottles of pills which I do not want. My bank has contacted Visa and my card has been cancelled. There are so many letters of complaint against this company on the internet. I want to warn others that the free trial, 14 free days etc. may or may not apply. But customers end up spending up to 400 euros for a product without this being explained. Help lines are not available and this company is very difficult to contact.

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  • J6
      Sep 08, 2015

    I cancelled by email as soon as I saw final amount of 2 x £157 but they ignored that. Visa charge could only be cancelled once I provided proof of returning the goods. These came fast so I simply returned them unopened to the address in Switzerland that was on the packages. Emails to the company plus copy of the posting record got them to make one refund and the visa card people then rejected the other payment for me. Visa had already made sure tat no future charges could be made to my card. I pointed out that UK law requires them to provide an option to cancel after an order has been placed.

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  • Ca
      Sep 15, 2015

    I cancelled as soon as I realised what had happened but to late the money had already gone out of my account and the bank say they cannot help as it was a debit card not credit card, anyone that has got money back let us all know

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  • De
      Oct 21, 2015

    I was watching some clips on Sky News and up popped details of the amazing product that had everyone in the UK going crazy about this product that caused you to loose 2 stone in 10 days etc etc etc. . Then get your free No Risk Trial only pay £3.95 for shipping instead of £15.95 which I assumed was the cost of the product. I proceeded to order and after filling out the order form and on the last page a message came up that said please review your order as there is something wrong with your address. "We will not be able to process your order until your correct this section" I then looked at what was been charged and discovered it was £157 not £3.95. I did not make any changes to the address given which according to their message then they could not process the order but when I checked my email I had received a message saying thank you for your order. I immediately contacted them and demanded a refund and I have been fighting them since. All I am getting is an automated email RESPONSE. I never received the order yet the email message suggests that I send the product back. This is the biggest scam and one that I intend to expose..

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  • Ka
      Oct 22, 2015

    I have also been scammed by this company .I live in Dubai and initially thought I was paying 4.95 just for shipping the trial product only for them to take 400 Euros from my account!! The bank has received refused to help me get my money back as I cancelled immediately and reported and even worse I've not received the products 2months on!! The company doesn't bother and refuses to give me the shippers name so I can track them!!just ridiculous!!!

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  • Mi
      Oct 22, 2015

    Omg what company i just buy 2 bottles it didn't show straight way the price and when i realize it was £157 and try to cancel it don't do, :(

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  • Lu
      Oct 23, 2015

    I also have been scammed. I ordered both the Purslim & True Cambogia on 23.09.15 under the impression that I was paying £8 shipping for each, so £16. I filled out my card details and submitted thinking I would be taken to a confirmation page. Instead up popped a 'thanks for your order' of £157 x 2! Panic!! Checked my bank account instantly and the money had been taken out. Emailed the company immediately to cancel my order but never heard anything back. The products arrived about 10 days later and I sent them straight back. I have emailed both support addresses requesting a refund but I have never had a response to any email I have ever sent, and I've sent many! Having still not received a refund, after returning the products, I have today contacted my bank who are going to stop any future money being taken out and issue me a refund and said that they would investigate. If you too get scammed by this then I would contact your bank immediately and hopefully they'll be as helpful as mine.

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  • Pa
      Nov 11, 2015

    I ordered 2 bottles of true cambogia on an introductory offer for postage of 4euro and the products were delivered and my account was debited for 217euro without my authoritation.i want to send back the package and to receive a reinbursement of 217euro which is my entitlement because i did not receive a confirmation of my order or an invoice or a return mail address for the return.i also did not receive a delivery note with rma.

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  • Ka
      Nov 14, 2015

    Hi the same thing happened to me. But worst thing is that its been 20days now i still didnt get the product. I asked them the moment they chared twice on my card and told them to cancel my order but worst they said i cannot cancel my order as it was already been ordered and some excuses after all of the exchnage of emails i told them to just deliver the item since i am left with no choice. But i am shocked to see that a lot of people are actually scammed by this true cambogia. Hope someone will get back to them and complinat them in order to keep other people from becoming their next victim.

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  • Vi
      Dec 30, 2015

    I ordered a free trial costing 4.99 on December 23rd 2015 and the advert only showed costs of the 4.99 FREE trial. I immediately got an email with my order, however the amount they was taking from me was 99.99. I also discovered that I was enrolled into a subscription and membership!!! I immediately phoned my bank and asked them to stop this payment on my credit card as this was a scam. They said I would have to wait until they took the money then dispute this, which I have done and also cancelled said credit card. My bank sent me another card and have said they will block any more payments they could take, as they can apparently phone up visa and say " I have been auhtorised to take money but the card is incorrect and Visa can give them the correct details unbelievable, I just wish that they would check with the card holder first.! I also cancelled my subscription and order on their advertised emails address. [protected] which came back to me as a daemon failure TWO days later...suspicious or what, As if this was not a true address this failure would of come back straight away! Any how, I persevered and sent numerous emails with legal notes etc and they have replied saying they have cancelled my subscription so no further monies will be taken. They have however sent the product out to me and charged me the 99.99 which I have disputed with Nationwide and I am also refusing any delivery should they send this product out to me and urge anyone else to proceed the same way. This company should not be allowed to trade as they have already broken UK trading laws.

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  • De
      Dec 31, 2015

    I purchase 3 bottles ..2 months ago until now i dont receive yet, I'ts a scam!...

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  • So
      Jan 13, 2016

    Hi guys

    I was lead to believe it was going to be £4 for one and another £4 for the other and then bam!! Checked my email and th first thing I did was cry, couldn't believe how stupid I was. I called the bank, they wernt very helpful as yet gave me two number which didn't even connect. I was billed for £99.99 and had been informed through email that I will be billed again in 15 days. I've cancelled my card so they don't have the freedom to steal my money again. Some of you guys have been robbed hard 😔 And your right, how do these nasty people sleep at night!! I've left a message with them pretending to be pregnant lol so I'll see if has been of any help

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  • Ra
      Jan 19, 2016

    As you all..i've been fooled. Order made on is 19.01.2016 and no products or money back...
    I also belived i'm paying for postage trial free tablets...and they robed me for 2×99, 99 £.
    Where can i complaint to Police online regarding this?

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  • Cl
      Jan 22, 2016

    I purchased this product as I thought that I would be charge 4.99 but I received a email with in 10 seccons for a change of99.99 pound I have tried to email them straight back but no response from them as yet I have tried to call them on Thayer contact no but all ways engaged I have contacted the bank to put a block on my card an I have been informed That thay will try to get mey a refund but thay can't guarantee that hopefully this will help others that this is a scam so please don't be surprised if it happens to you if you order with this company

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  • Jo
      Jan 28, 2016

    ordered free trial 4.99 post / then they took 90 euro cancelled order i emailed them and ask no to send item got email back to say order cancelled but 90euro gone scam pills do not work

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  • Ro
      Oct 03, 2016

    I too have been subject to this scam as I only ordered a trial at £4.99 and was offered a free bottle of another product but then had two transactions taken from my credit card, one for £4.99 and one for £4.97. No products ever arrived. I chased via email and as asked to be patient, despite a month going by nothing has arrived and I was told they would be taking £69.99 for my next months supply. I had already cancelled the trial product and asked for a refund as it had never arrived and I also cancelled any further payments to be charged. Despite this two amounts for £69.99 were taken 14 days after my original order. I have raised this with my credit card company and they are putting the matter into dispute and are sending me papers to complete and will "try" and get my money back. I have never ever been scammed and certainly not for £150.00 and nothing to show for it. What complete and utter bar stewards they are this damned company!

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  • Oj
      Jan 09, 2017

    SCAM SCAM SCAM - This Purslim & True Cambogia company is a scam,
    After several months these people are STILL TAKING MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT,
    even after multiple emails to them.

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