Travelex Currency Services / exchange rate is a massive rip off

London LHR Airport, United Kingdom
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I exchanged money at the departure of T4 in LHR and got really ripped off, they charged me an exchange rate for Europe to Sterling of 1.36, later on when shopping in the city I got a rate of 1.12.

So for the amount of €180 I have lost the incredible amount of €43.20.

Filed an online complaint and got a massive BS reply from a "sales Quality Specialist" stating that they have to buy currencies which mess the transaction so expensive. Travelex does nothing but buying any selling currencies in this very business segment, so what is the huge cost they claim to have?

Never use Travelex again, will post on every website and on every social media I can find.

Just make sure you dont get trapped from these guys ...

Travelex Currency Services

Oct 17, 2018

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