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I got a call in around October 2016 to start a trading account with just $100. Trusting them I deposited the equivalent of $100 and started trading. Later I was asked to deposit more funds to increase my profits and then they would ask me to deposit more funds as back up required failing which my trades will be closed during the fluctuation due to several currency reports. In this way they made me deposit a huge amount on different occasions and in between they gave me some small withdrawas. I made the deposits using credit cards taking loans from Banks and friends. Now I am unable to repay the loans.

Now they do not attend to my calls and there is no way I could contact them. Even their live support is not responding.

Please advise me.

  • Updated by Geetha Pai, Jul 30, 2018

    Still, there is no response from the company.

  • Updated by Geetha Pai, Jul 31, 2018

    Now their site is not available since yesterday.

Jul 26, 2018
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  • Is
      Jul 31, 2018

    It's just so sad that in the search for making more money and also investing in a trading industry like binary option we can still get scammed of our money. I think the main problem of this situation are the fake binary option brokers. In my instance i was scammed by a binary option?forex broker called VIP brokers, they denied me of withdrawal and kept asking for more money until i ran out of cash, i had a near death experience with them but luckily for me i was able to recover my money with help of certified ethical hackers recovery group( fundsback @ cyberservices . com ) if not for them i would have been thrown out of my house and be on the streets right now. Just incase you had lost money in the past too you can try send an email to the above address. GOODLUCK!

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  • Ge
      Aug 01, 2018

    @isamad I have sent an email to that address for their help.

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