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1 GA, United States

I bought many items all at once from Trade Tang to sell on Ebay and when they all arrived and I started doing research, I found out that all of the items were FAKE...EVERYTHING that is name brand on Trade Tang is FAKE...MOST of the stuff on Ebay is from China that is how they sell it so cheap and most from EBAY are also FAKE! I will never buy from China or Ebay again if it is name brand EVER! I don't care if it says authentic because China said it was but it wasn't and EBAY sellers lie and do the same thing. I bought Cologne, Perfume, Zumba DVDS, MAC makeup, OTTER BOX IPAD covers etc everything I bought was a knockoff and it looked JUST LIKE the origional. Trade Tang will NOT refund your money either! So, do not buy from Ebay if it is MAC or cologne unless you know its real and there is NO SUCH THING as a MAC 120 Pro Palette they do not even make that...its a knockoff from China...I have some now and they are not real MAC in fact you can buy the same palette without the word MAC on it for like 10 bucks on EBAY and when they put the fake MAC name on it they charge $70! It is FAKE so are the MAC brushes! Do NOT buy cosmetics from Ebay! They are almost 99% FAKE.

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