Toyota Tacoma 4x4 4cylinder / clutch is too weak

19001 South Western Avenue Suite WC11, Torrance, CA, United States

I purchased a new 2010 toyota tacoma 4x4 4cylinder in 2011. I had to fly to PA to get it (from Houston) becuase there were no 4x4 standard trans. 4 cyl trucks in Houston at the time. Ever since I purchased it i've had problems with the clutch, slipping, the vehicle has no power, it gets terrible gas mileage for a 4 cyl engine. I first reported clutch problems at 5K miles, then again about 10K miles. The dealerships here all tell me the can't find anything wrong. My wife & I went to NM for Thanksgiving and took the truck with a small 500lb trailer and a 4 wheeler and the truck wouldn't pull this up a slight incline!! Took it again in Jan. and this time the clutch slipped so bad it started burning up!! Toyota warranty replaced it in approx. Feb. so March we took it back to NM to try the New clutch with an 800 lb payload (500 lb trailer + 300 lb instrument) and this clutch burned up on 4" of snow!! Now Toyota says I don't know how to drive a standard shift and they're not going to replace it again. I consider this breach of contract! what about my warranty? This clutch was weaker than the 1st! It burned up after 1 attempt to climb an incline. Truck is rated at towing 3600 lbs! toyota must've been pulling DOWNHILL! DO NOT BUY A 4X4 TOYOTA TACOMA - they don't tow offroad!


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