Towbin Dodgefraudulent dealer/unprofessionalism

I went to this dealership yesterday to trade in my Acura for a vehicle of lesser value. This turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. I have never dealt with such dishonest salesmen & so called company managers in my life. It started out with them not having the vehicles that had drawn me there in the first place. Right after arriving, they took my keys & title (to apparently check my vehicle etc.) It was decided that I'd take a 2005 Kia Sedonna, which was listed at 5, 995.00 but written up on the contract at 7, 995.00. Every time I posed an objection or pointed out a discrepancy, I'd be told it would be fixed etc. then that person would disappear with all the paperwork etc and someone new would be send my way. Facts & stories kept changing & it was very confusing. When I told them I just wanted to take my car & leave, I was told if I took the Kia home & was unhappy, I could return it today & the deal would be off (imagine my surprize when all the people I needed weren't there today.) They also led me to believe I had signed off on my car, when I actually hadn't. End result, they refused to let me leave with my car, just their piece of junk (and that's putting it mildly)I left without the title for the Kia or the money I was supposed to be paid; I was told I would get it the next day. Again I told them, they were'nt honoring the contract & had NOT told me I couldn't have title or funds due when they had me sign off on my car, so I should be able to cancel the deal; again I was refused. To add insult to injury, they sent me off with a car that had hardly any fuel in it, & by the time I noticed it I was in the middle of nowhere.

Trying to find out who the big Kahuna is with a contact number is an impossibilty. I have since discovered that this company (there's several dealerships) are being investigated for fraudulent dealings in several areas. They lie, cheat & sell substandard vehicles which become way over priced by all their various fees & charges that are NOT related to buyers up front. Someone else who's involved in a lawsuit with them is trying to have them shut down, & I agree they should be shut down to protect the unsuspecting public. There need to be better laws & safetys in place against the fraudulent practices of company's like this! There is nothing worse than being kicked when you are already down & these people excell at it. I honestly don't know how they can sleep at night.

Do yourself a favor and do NOT go near any of their dealerships. It became very apparent to me that they operate with no ethics, nor do they care about the stress nor hardship they place on their customers. I now understand why they overcharge & have so many hidden fees, it's to pay for their huge TV budget for their so called Reality Show.

Please do yourselves a favor and stay away from these sharks. If you insist on dealing with them, take a lawyer & a video camera!


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