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Well, I was ecstatic to find a website much like my club memberships with other companies. One that promises grand money saving items all bundled into one site. Fantastic? Or was it?!?

I currently have 15 active orders through The first was back in the beginning of Oct 2012 and the last was today. I've spent well over $2, 500 with them and have only received one order shipment. I've spoken with them twice on the phone, both of which took 15 minutes to even get a rep on the phone and then more than 40 minutes to figure out issues on their end.

All in all I'd say they are very unorganized. One representative told me that the company was owned by the French. Well that explains so much. Maybe my items are coming from France. Who knows?!?

I contacted the customer service department today because 5 of my orders are past the time they had promised to arrive (more than 30 days). All of my orders say "PENDING" on their site and this does not make me happy AT ALL!!! I'm always way too nice to such incompetent people and this is one company that has pushed my buttons too many times.

So, what do I do now? Sit and wait to see if they show up in time for Christmas? Customer service can give me any line they want. Today it was that my orders were sitting in the shipping warehouse ready to go, but two items were holding up the shipments because their order hadn't been filled for the items on the front end to Totsy, then they would be able to complete my order and send them out. Well I guess this is my fault. Customer service offered NO solution but to wait further and did not even try to keep me as a customer. I don't think I'll be making any more orders through Totsy again and in fact I may just call and cancel EVERY order I've made thus far. There's someone out there who wants customers to feel appreciated and it's NOT Totsy.

BTW, while I was on the phone with them, I happened to tell them how I have noticed their SCAMS on their webpage. How they'll have items listed more than once on the same page, but both items will have different prices. So watch out for that. Some are dollars differences and NO it wasn't for different sizes or anything like that. These were the exact same items. Customers services response, "oh, um...well our tech page department must have made a goof!" Really, then why is it more than once and on different items all over your site? "Well, I don't know, but I'll check into that!"...It's been a month and the same issues are still there. Just keep and eye out everyone. You may be getting taken advantage of depending on which duplicated item you chose to buy.

WARNING!!!, I also informed them that it's against the law to sell an item, in this case Pashmina scarfs (which were recently sold on their site), that are not Pashmina. The item listed that it was made from synthetic fibers. REAL Peshmins is goats fur and it was obvious they were just using the name FRAUDULENTLY as a cover up to charge more for synthetic china crap! When I asked the Rep about this, he informed me that this was an issue and he would take care of it Immediately, then the next 2 days they sold those same scarfs as Peshmina's for the same price and felt no different for it. So if you bought one, send it back or better yet sue them for fraudulent misrepresentation.

On a side note: Their sales aren't always the best. Check out each item before you pay. (Google it)

TIPS: When buying through Totsy, open each item into a new window. Have each of those items per-selected for your size beforehand. Then when you're ready to put it into your basket, add each item individually, like an assembly line and keep those pages open just in case Totsy's page doesn't load or theirs a "Opps, we let our children run this site" type of page show up. This has helped me with the timed basket issues and I always get what I want now and always have enough time to make my order and pay. Nothing gets left out or gets dropped off of the list of items to buy.

**Some sales are excellent
**Variety of items
**Easy to pay (It always is, isn't it...:P)
**Free Shipping with orders over $75 (otherwise it's under 8 bucks for normal items)

**Totsy doesn't know how to run a website & their programmers/page layout departments need to be fired or taken back to school.
**Costumer service is dismal (Expect a wait at least 8 minutes to speak with a Rep & even longer for them to learn their system while you're on the phone)
**Shipping takes FOREVER
**Worst Membership Club (No one else makes you wait this long or give you issues)
**Basket timing (I've never seen this before and I think it's stupid)
**It does not bother them to take advantage of their customers!!!

Hope this helps!

All in All I'd say Totsy is an infant compared to other membership companies and need a huge lesson in Customer appreciation.

Aloha and have a beautiful day!


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