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I have ordered a dress online and received the wrong size. Contacted company by email; received reply after approx 1 week with instructions for me to email them when I had dropped of package to UPS so my credit can be expedited.I followed instructions and responded to them within the same date with the tracking number. after calling them again 5 days later, there was no follow through with what I had been told regarding the expedited credit process. Not only that but they also did not refund shipping charges.
I would not recommend ordering anything from this dishonest business.

Jan 14, 2015
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      Mar 02, 2015

    My husband and I visited the SF Tory Burch store on 2/27/2015 at approximately 6:20 pm to return an online order placed on 2/13/2015 for a Robinson Pebbled Purse and a Thea Triple Zip Satchel which were delivered to my office on 2/18/2015. Initially, my husband dealt with Aaron Densey because I had to run an errand within the mall so I was not present at that time. According to my husband, Mr. Densey refused to return the 2 items after he examined them. He took out the stuffing and opened each purse in clear view. He then flagged them as being "used" because he found 2 wrapped Ricola cough drops in both purses. This is not true. I left 2 wrapped cough drops in only one of the purse, not both. He corrected me and said they were found in both. Utter lies and exaggeration from Mr. Densey's point of view. These small items could have easily been removed and he did not need to cause such a commotion. Mr. Densey stated that because the purses were "used", he could not accept them for return/refund. I explained to Mr. Densey that I literally tried them once and put all of my personal belongings into them to test them out. After determining they were too bulky, did not fit everything and ended up being too heavy, I removed all of the items and repacked them to be returned to the store. I was not satisfied with the purchase and wanted a refund. I presented both items packed with tags and dust bags and receipt. The purchase and return date fell within the 14 day return policy for sale items. Even with that, Mr. Densey still refused to return my items and handed me his and the General Manager, Christa Daughter's business cards. I stated that I am a long time and loyal customer of TB and have purchased many items from TB stores, Nordstroms, Bloomingdale, Neiman Marcus in various locations (Vegas, Ala Moana, Royal Hawaian, Stanford, SF, NY). Most of the time I was very pleased with my purchase and have kept them. There were times it did not work out and I returned for a refund. Nothing wrong with that. In all my experience with TB in the past, this was one of the worst customer service experience ever! Mr. Densey then insinuated that he has checked my account history and that “my husband and made it a habit to purchase items and then return them after using them” which I found very insulting. He repeated this accusation 3 times and I responded that he was putting words in my mouth. What I tried to explain to him earlier was that I purchased many items and if I was not satisfied, I would return them without any difficulties. customers have the right to change their minds. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. The purses I attempted to return were in no way "damaged" or "used". In fact, they were in the same exact condition when I received them. He pointed out that the leather seemed worn out which to me was ridiculous because I had the purses in my possession for a total of 9 days since I received them on 2/18/2015. There was no way that I could have worn them out in a little over a week. Mr. Densey further argued with me and my husband, raised his voice at us, was very rude and discourteous, made accusations, was dismissive and unwilling to offer any resolution. His unsympathetic behavior, conduct and lack of customer service experience was a complete waste of our time. I was fuming at his attitude. I was shocked at how Mr. Densey dealt with the situation and the method he used. I was a Tory Burch fan until now and I will be dropping this brand and I will no longer shop at this store and will tell all of my friends and family to not shop there because I felt that I was singled out and treated very unfairly. The other remaining sales associates at that time this was taking place, stood around and gave me a stern look, smiled at one another and offered no resolution or any apologies at all. All they offered me was the store policy which states "Sale Merchandise can be returned for a full refund or exchanged within 14 days of the delivery date. In-store returns: Items purchased on may be returned to any Tory Burch store to expedite the return process free of charge. In order to do so, you must bring the receipt provided with your order – no exceptions will be made. Store associates will process your return right away." As a result of Mr. Densey’s actions, he wasted 1 1/2 hours of our time and we ended up missing our dinner reservations, movie and kept us longer than necessary and we had to pay extra for our parking. I contacted the customer service at 866-480-TORY and spoke with a rep and explained the entire situation. He was confused and could not explain why the manager was refusing to issue a refund. So he asked to speak with him. Afterwards, he said he could not demand for the manager to return items if that was his decision not to do so. He then said he would discuss it with Mr. Densey on the company phone. Mr. Densey made his way to the back office to speak with the customer service rep while my husband and I continued to wait in the store. After 15 minutes or so, Mr. Densey returned and no change in his decision to issue a refund. He offered to box up my purses and ship them back to the warehouse where they will have to be inspected before crediting my account which is not what I requested. I expected to get a refund on the same day per their policy. So in other words, I would have to wait another week or so before I can get money refunded, $588.08 which is absurd. I DO NOT know why Mr. Densey could not issue me a refund there at the store on the same day. I live in Burlingame and my husband and I drove all the way to SF (at least 30 miles away) for our dinner and movie date and since TB store was located at the SF Centre mall, we planned to handle all of this on one trip. Mr. Densey is not someone I would ever want to deal with ever again. This was UNACCEPTABLE and Mr. Densey should be held accountable for his actions and should be reprimanded/terminated for treating me in this manner. TB should properly train all of their employees. Mr. Densey lacked common sense and knowledge of how to treat customers. Eventually after I contacted the General Manager, Christa Daugherty, she gladly intercepted my package from their stock room and issued the credit. This was the worst experience ever with Aaron Densey and from such a high end and expensive store! Why did I have to spend all this time and effort to get my money back especially if the merchandise was no longer in my possession? This store has lost my business!!!

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