Ton-Top Storewireless mini mushroom bluetooth speaker

I was told to send my video here instead of through disputes. I made a purchase through AliExpress mobile. Recieved a broken product from the seller. Contacted them and they said send the video proof to a weird email [protected]
I sent the video and notified I had sent. They did not reply.
Days later they then said to send to complaint portal. I don't know why... so provided below is video proof of product and snapshots of the conversation. Hope to receive a response soon. Thank you.

Seller: Ton-Top Store
Product Name: kebidu Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Mini Mushroom Waterproof Stereo Speaker Music Player for Xiaomi iPhone for Android
Order #: [protected]

Ton-Top Store
Ton-Top Store
Ton-Top Store

Jan 14, 2018

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