TomTom GPS / Poor Device & Bad Customer Service

GA, United States

My TomTom stopped working in January, it was only purchased in Sept 2011. First the GPS would not connect, then the device would not even power on,
Support did their best to not believe the issue I was having with the connection. Funny, now a huge problem is discovered with the GPS conenction. I guess I knew what I was talking about.
So I got a RMA to send mine in. And yes, I had to pay the shipment cost.

THe unit finally arrived (by now I have been wihtout a GPS for 4 months) and the touch screen is flaky. Sometimes it works, most times i have to hit the screen 8-17 times to get it to type.

I call service, the same terrible service I have spoken to before.
I cannot believe they have no authority to escalate an issue.
I do not beleive a Supervisor is the highest person in the company you can escalate a problem to.
By the end of the call, she had me screaming
Nothing is worse than someone insulting your intelligence or lying to you.
Then they want you to send the bad unit in again to get another refurbished piece of junk. Yes, you guess it, I have to pay again.
She did finally talk to her invisible boss and they will send me a packing slip so I dont have to pay again to ship back a bad unit.
Though I have asked for my money back dozens of times; they refuse.
No matter how many times I asked for a new unit, due to the bad refurb i have now, they refuse.
TomTom has shown to be one of the worst, . if not the worst, customer service experiences I have ever had.
I will never again purchase anything from this company or aother other collaberation they may have. I will also ensure that everyone that I know about this experience.
So many other companies do what they need to do to fix an issue. Maybe because they are so big, yhat TomTom has shown no care for the issues I have experienced.
Not sure how they earned a JD Power Outstanding Customer Experience Award sicne their rating for my experience would be less than 0.

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