Tommee Tippeeanytime soothers

I wouldn't normally make a complaint, but this is more an FYI for the above product.
My son is now 16 months and all the products I've used with him have been tommee tippee, and we've never had any problems...until he started using a soother.

He's been using the anytime soother, and at first there was no problem until he started getting his teeth. By simply flipping the soother into his mouth he managed to remove the teat over a few days. I thought this was normal because he had teeth, but he wasn't actually biting the teats off. when I was replacing his soother at LEAST 4 times a week I knew it couldn't be normal as my sister also uses the soothers with her son and has no problems. This was the case with every soother and I used about 20 of them as he loved the shape of them. I was afraid to give them to him as it was now a major choking hazard.

I've since changed his soother to an avent one and he's had the same soother now for almost a month and not one part of the teat has come loose.

Maybe you should have a look at the strength of the teats and how they are attached to avoid someone else from choking.


May 15, 2017

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