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I recently purchased a vehicle from the CPO department. I was told several things by the sales associate (George) that were not true during the transaction. I was trading in a truck that had a lot of extras on it. When the truck was appraised this establishment low balled the price. I inquired to the sales associate about all the extras on the truck and was told they didn't change the value of it. After progressing further in this transaction, my husband informed the sales associate that he would be taking items off the truck then. The sales associate then told my husband that he couldn't take things off the truck even though he had said they don't change the value of the truck. When we came to the establishment to further complete this transaction, the sales associate had been given a payoff amount from a customer portal and was told that the amount was estimated and the bank would need to be contacted. The sales associate informed us that they would contact the bank for the full payoff amount and its usually a difference of around $60 and it would be taken care of by the dealership. The transaction was completed on Nov.5. I then received a call from the sales associate on Nov. 12 informing me that I needed to pay them $265 for the difference and that they had not completed the payoff or paperwork and would not be doing so until I paid the $265. I questioned the sales associate about what he had said regarding BMW contacting the bank and that any difference would be taken care of by them. The sales associate proceeded to yell at me over the phone and then make legal threats regarding the paperwork that had been signed. I requested to speak to the manager (Andrew) at this point because of the way the sales associate had treated me. He was of no further assistance and had the same level of customer service. I was informed by him that I should be happy with the transaction because they were making no money off this deal. I am disgusted that a manager would say this to a customer that just purchased a product.
Needless to say after contacting BMW corporate headquarters, the general manager at Tom Bush BMW, the sales manager, and the financial manager they assume no responsibility for the poor customer service or lack of integrity and truth that occurred. It is now Nov. 15 and the payoff has still not occurred. I will never do business with this establishment ever again. They claim they operate under truth and integrity yet I witnessed a business that operates on lies and deceit and the worst customer service.

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      Nov 16, 2012

    Forward your complaint to local TV stations, post it on their FB/Twitter pages, etc.

    You acted naively - or maybe you are just nice people. Ronnie said of the Soviets "trust but verify." Your mistake is you didn't do that. I hope you learned your lesson. There's not a deal worth me feeling like crap later. I vote with my feet to another dealership.

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      Nov 29, 2012

    Hi my name is Brian Bush and I wanted to truly apologize for your experience at our my family's BMW CPO store in Jacksonville, FL. I am also sorry about the misunderstanding of the balance you owed on your car. Sometimes during hours the banks are closed, we either have to use what the customer thinks their payoff is or use an approximate amount. Unfortunately, this is not always the most accurate way to do it, but we have to accommodate our customers whenever they have time to come in. We try to make sure customers understand this and there is a form stating this when you signed up to purchase. I hope this was done for you too. I can send you this form just to make sure that George showed this to you.

    I am also truly sorry (and shocked) George got upset with you and yelled, he usually is the most soft spoken and friendliest person you would meet. I have spoken with him and he wanted me to make sure you know he was unaware he was making you uncomfortable.

    In regards to the options, we are always OK with customers removing items from their vehicles, but if removed, they can not alter the performance of the vehicle. In your case, one of the items you wanted to remove, would make the vehicle inoperable. That's all we required you to keep in the vehicle and I hope you can understand that. It seems that maybe it was not explained to you in the correct way and I wanted to make sure you knew the reason.

    We strive everyday to assist our customers and truly make them feel like family. We take ALL customer's feedback and try to correct any deficiencies so that they would not hesitate to come back or even refer friends and/or family to us. So I hope you can accept our apologies and give us another chance. Please feel free to call me directly with further questions or comments at [protected].

    Thank you,
    Brian Bush

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      Nov 30, 2012

    "I have spoken with him and he wanted me to make sure you know he was unaware he was making you uncomfortable."

    I bet your next career is to be a politician. You will make a fine one with your mouth talking white washing like this. Do you expect anyone to believe this [protected]@p? That he didn't know he's making a customer uncomfortable while yelling at them? Really? What, is that the Bush Family Dealership norm and this customer was just overly sensitive? I know one dealership I will not even bother to glance at, forget even attempting to shop at. I don't know I might get yelled at just for looking their way.

    You would think in the state of this economy and social times a dealership will have some smarts and really make every effort to retain a customer as well as plant a seed i.e. future business. Instead of an inept attempt at saccharine comments on here, an idea better suited to politicians, why not you personally request for this customer's file, I am sure there telephone contact is in there. Reach out to them, offer to rectify this at their convenience, at your inconvenience, like go over to their house with correct accounts at hand. Why stop there offer them dinner tickets or something. You would be surprised how far that will go if they re-posted on here outlining your efforts. And you responding to that with a simple "you treat every customer as a Bush family member." Then, I would reconsider shopping with you. why is this too hard to understand for these companies? Jeez!

    And BTW you obviously need a better finance manager. The bank does not maintain your accounts, you do, they maintain your monies. Lame.

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      Nov 30, 2012

    I meant their telephone contact.

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