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I ordered some Birks from them and got an email giving me the estimated date the item would leave the warehouse. A few weeks went by with no confirmation that the item had left so I contacted them and they said it would be 2 weeks. A month later I contacted them and again they said two weeks. Nearly a month on I emailed them demanding a refund and saying why the heck they have shoes on the site that they do not have in stock etc ...anyway they have said they have shipped the item today... I am skeptical... if I do not get my order soon I will be disputing it with paypal for sure.
I ordered these shoes as a valentines day present for my husband, its now 2 months on and have no shoes.
I usually do my homework well but I did not look at any reviews for this company, had I done so I would NEVER have ordered from them.
I would not recommend anyone order from them, even the bargain prices are not worth it

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  • So
      11th of Jul, 2012

    Hi! It happened to me too! I placed my order on June1 and received it only on July11 !!! No notification, no explanation, no apologies and, of course, no any compliments... There was also an amount to be refunded, which Tobias Mayer refunded only after phone calls and emails. Not a great experience.

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  • Li
      25th of Jan, 2013

    Lucky you. i never received mine, neither did i get any refund.
    I ordered 4 pairs in early Nov 2012, to be delivered early dec, but the shoes never came. Initially, when i enquire abt the delivery, they gave same excuse of manufacturer being away on hols etc. Now they simply ignore my attempt to contact me, and never bother to reply my emails. Simply dishonest! looks more like a fraud company instead.

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  • Ch
      11th of Feb, 2013

    Hi guys, it's been 5 months since my husband placed an order for 4 pairs of shoes. We have just been refunded all our money from as they were the agent transferring the money across (sort of like PayPal) to these scammers. Stop waiting. You will get 0 from TM. Moneybookers contacted them and as they got no response within 5 days, they deemed it resolved in our favour. Do not believe any emails they send you promising delivery! I hope someone figures out a way to shut them down.

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  • Lp
      6th of Mar, 2013

    Oh my goodness. Why did I not see this before I placed an order with work colleagues on the 2 nd December 2012 for 10 pairs of shoes and here I am on the 6 th March 2013 and still no shoes. Last communication was on 22nd February promising a 5 % discount for the wait. I am still waiting for that as well. I paid with my credit card so don't know how I am going to get any money back from them.

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  • Ly
      29th of Mar, 2013

    I ordered 14 pairs of shoes in mid Feb 2013 and shipping was estimated on 3rd March 2013. After 2 weeks of delay (13th March), I sent another email enquiring, they replied they will receive my articles within the next two weeks due to manufacturer delay.
    This time I was so frustrated and annoyed, I emailed them back stated, I "WANT" an exact date on when they will ship my articles and emphasised that it is a bulk purchase of EUR 614. My articles are not back orders and it's stated on their website that it will be ship in 6-12 days. I told them if they can't give me an exact date, I will have to cancel my order and ask for refund. They emailed back and said that they will received my articles by 26th March 2013 and will send out immediately and email me the shipping details. On 26th of March, I checked with them about my shipment on Livechat and email. They said they have received my articles and will send later. I received a shipping confirmation email later that day with tracking number from DHL "Express Shipping" to Singapore which I have chosen. Received my orders on 28th March 2013 in good condition, with no plastics bags or free key chains. On the invoice, they stated that they don't exchange items on sale and don't refund money!
    TobiasMayer should take the initiative to inform buyers for any delay to let us have confidence that they are a reliable company. They should improve on the processing time too. If we know that we have to wait for months for the order, I think we will have the patience to wait for it too, not worrying about losing our money and not receiving overseas order. Overall, they did send my order, only slow and bad customer service! Attached a photo of my order.

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  • Gi
      10th of Apr, 2013

    Hi guys, I should read your comments before I placed my order. I placed my order for buying 4 pairs of shoes on 25 Mar and should be left the warehouse on 6 April. Nothing updated so I email them on 9 April and nothing heard from them. Really poor customer support. I agree with Lyanna they should take the initiative to inform us. I could say, over 99%, I won't buy shoes from Tobias Mayer in the future. No matter the sale or price is so attractive.

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  • Qu
      22nd of Apr, 2013

    I am a very frustrated customer !!! I placed my order 26 Feb. Shipping was estimated on 10/ March 2013 with Express Post(3/6 day's)
    2. months and many e-mails and Phone calls from Australia .
    Still waiting on a shipping confirmation ...they simply ignore me, and never bother to reply .
    I am disgusted with there costumer service and I never order from Tobias Mayer again .
    I would not recommend anyone order from this Company ever!!! it is not worth it

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  • Jo
      15th of May, 2013

    I ordered some slippers from Tobias Mayer on March 13th 2013, received a confirmation, and the money was taken from my credit card on 15th March. On April 5th I received an email from Tobias Mayer saying the slippers were no longer available and they would refund my credit card 'as soon as possible'. I sent another email on 26th April asking when my refund would be made and then another on May 2nd. I have not received a reply to either of these and neither have I received a refund. This company is totally disreputable and dishonest. Joyce H

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  • Lp
      15th of May, 2013

    Yes I agree. I finally received 9 out of my 10 pairs ordered after 5 months and 5 days and they also promised me a refund a.s.a.p for the one pair of shoes that did not arrive but 2 weeks later I am still waiting. I have sent an email but of course no answer. I must add that I sent an email cancelling this order in the middle of April and then with no reference to this letter, received an email from them on the 30 April saying the goods were on their way!! Totally useless and unprofessional. The only good thing on my behalf is that I filed a dispute with the bank as I paid with my credit card and I got my money back. This will of course change when Tobias Mayer realise they are out of pocket but let's see how long that takes them!! There are some good deals for Birkenstocks on ebay and even though I have read that some purchases take a couple of months to get to Australia( I read 4 months for one sale) shipping is free after $150 to $200. Just be careful for fakes. I was happy with the shoes I did receive, which were not in boxes, but the boxes were flat packed with the order. I also never received the promised key rings!! I wish I had the ability to make a web page that would come come up first when you google TM as it would be nice to warn people before buying from TM. I have been in contact with another German company called FOOTSHOPPING which is a bit more expensive than TM and I don't see any bad reviews on them so may give them a try one day. Good luck to you all.

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