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Timeshare Solutions / Scammers and ripoffs!

1 1000 N. Green Valley PKWY #300-135Henderson, NV, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-898-5413

I was contacted by Timeshare Solutions by phone to advertise my timeshare for sale. I payed $99.00 for this around 2/2007. I was contacted by Bill Elis of Timeshare Solutions on 9/14/2007. He stated he had sold my timeshare to CIBA for $20160.00. He said that they would pay half the closing costs of $1600.00 and I would need to pay my half to get the deal sealed. I agreed but wanted it in writing so they emailed me a sheet to sign stating that I agreed to sell for $20160.00 and agreed to pay $800.00 for closing costs. I paid this with my Discover card. I was told by Bill Elis that in 30-45 days I would have my money. I contacted Bill Elis after this time and he said I would have my money by 11/23/2007. When that passed I called again and was given to Bob Downey. He said that everything was ok and that I would have my money by the end of December. This also passed. Once again I contacted Bob Downey and he gave me a date of 1/3/2008. Still no money, I contacted Bob Downey again on 1/2/2008 and he said that one of the people that were selling to CIBA lied on the app and they had to get one more timeshare to close the deal. He said not to worry that I would have my money in 2 weeks. I contacted CIBA on 1/31/2008 and talked to Kathryn Scott, Financial Controls Officer, for CIBA and ask about their buying timeshares for their employees to use. She stated that they have not and will not be buying timeshares and have never had contact with Timeshare Solutions. Now at this point their phone number and fax are no longer good.

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  • Jo
      27th of Feb, 2008
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    I was contacted by Timeshare Solutions to advertise my timeshare.I paid Bill Ellis 99.00 to advertise it. Then on 10-27-07 he sent me a fax saying my Timeshare was sold and wanted to put 600.00 on my credit card for closing cost. So I faxed the paper back agreeing to pay the cost at closing and cancelled by credit card for he still had my numbers when he ripped me off of 99.00 from before. As of this day he will not call me back.

  • Lo
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    We too have been scammed by bill elis & bob downey. We paid 99.00 for them to sell our timeshare on 1/28/07. After the 9 month contract I contacted bill elis and said I wanted my 99.00 back as he had not sold my timeshare. He said oh I've been trying to contact you, I just sold your timeshare for 27,100.00, but we need 475.00 for closing costs because we sold it to a company named Ciba and you will have to pay 1/2 of closing costs and you will receive your money on 1/08. Didn't ever hear anything so called again on 1/15 and then was called by a Bob Downey who started yelling at me saying sometimes timeshares take 4months to close, so just wait you will get your money by the beginning to the middle of March. I tried calling yesterday as this is the middle of March and neither phone number is in service. What can a person do now?

  • St
      14th of Mar, 2008
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    i am so frustrated. i have been trying to sell my property for 5 years and i have had five or six different companies supposedly trying to sell this thing. it was the biggest mistake of my life buying it in the first place. now i can't get rid of it. the comments that i have read so far are identical to the letter as what my wife and i have been going through with this outfit. only thing is is that this bunch first contacted me Feb. 23 2007 and i paid them 800 dollars to get it started and that if they did not have it sold in 9 months that i would get my money back. well before the 9 months were up this bill ellis called me and that my file just came across his desk and that he had to get it sold asap. in a week or two he called me back and gave me the biusness he gave these other complaintents. we where so desperate to get it sold. we thought our prayers have been answered. so then he gave us the line about the same $800.00 to cover half of the closing costs and we were so desperate we did it again. except they said they had it sold for $24,640.00 to a corperation that was spending 1.5 million for alot of time share properties to use as tax right offs. i even got this letter in the mail about the 800 dollar trandsaction and the amount they had it sold for.when nothing happened for a couple of weeks i called and he gave me the same run around about they lied on the application. BULL the only one lying here is ellis. when i did finally get ahold of Ellis again which took weeks he said i understand your anger but i don't get paid until it is sold and he is upset to. what a joke.

  • Ja
      18th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    We have been going through the EXACT same thing for the last six months. Same story, same $800 for half the closing costs, same story about selling to CIBA and then someone lied on one of the timeshares and they had to go sell just one more and we'll get out money. Just like several of you I have been trying to sell my timeshare for several years. The time share resellers ALWAYS want the commission up front. I don't think there is an honest one out there. How about a class action law suit against them?

  • Ks
      23rd of Mar, 2008
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    My husband and I were contacted by Bill Elis in 2006, we paid $99.00 at that time to sell out timeshare, .We also were told we would get a refund if it wasn't sold within 9 months. I called several times to find out what was happening, finally in Nov 2008, Bill Elis contacted us saying a major corporation was buying groups of times shares to give to their employees. and that we could get $16, 800. for our time share, but we had to come up with $550. toward the closing costs. We put this on the same card, we had originally used.We were told we would get a form in the mail with an agreement for us to sign and send back, we got the form in the mail within a few days, and sent it back. We were told we would get some paper work to have notorized and send back, and then we would get either a certified check or have our money direct deposited in our bank. We were told it would take 45- 60 days after the 60 days I called and was told that it was 60 working days, so again we waited, still nothing, finally I called and got an answering machine saying to leave my number and they would call back. After about a week A Robert Downing called back, he said everything was comming along fine and the paperwork would be in our hands by March 19th and to call him back, if we didn't get it by then. Well I called back on the 20th, of course got the answering machine again. It is now March 23rd and he still hasn't returned my call, and we still have not received anything.

  • Ja
      11th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I went through all the same things, although the dollar amounts were slightly different. I just filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission ( for Timeshare Solutions and another one for 1st National Marketing. Stupid me, I got scammed by two crooks.

  • Sc
      16th of Jan, 2009
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    I was also called by Bill Ellis reguarding selling my timeshare. He also required a $99.00 fee and told me the same ### like the others, and then contacted me two months later. He said the timeshare was sold to a corporation for there employee's and required a $450.00 for closing. When I attempted to make contact again to check on closing status, I received alot of rude remark's from Bill and Bob. They continued to pass the buck to each other about staying in touch with me. I contacted the Las Vegas Better Buisness Bureau and learned about the laws for Navada and 4 other states are not the same as the rest of the united states.Everyone should learn where the companys you do buisness with are located (in what states) for your rights.For very little money you can start a buisness in these states and screw anybody, and get away with it. Now every time someone call's me about selling my timeshare for me. I fill like reaching through the telephone and ripping the head off, and ( shting) down there throat.

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