Time Magazine / received only 28 copies, but 13 were duplicates which should be replaced and14 remaining copies not shipped plus 10 more to complete 52 issues.

1 New York, New YorkNew York, United States
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Sometime in February, 2016 I mailed a discounted Time Magazine subscription coupon from Publishers Clearing to Time Magazine with a letter addressed to the Company Headquarters requesting that my first copy should start effective July. I have a current subscription under my husband's name Bernardo G. Valdez Account #[protected].
My request was not followed, the first copy started from 03/ 21/2016 to 06/13/2016 a total of 13 copies (including a double issue for 05/02 & 05/0 9/ 2016 which I actually don't need as they were duplicates of current account [protected]. No 06/20 & 06/27 copies received. From 07/04 to 10/10, 2016 I received 15 copies only.
I wrote Time about the duplicates and was told to make photo copies of the labels on both accounts: Bernardo G. Valdez # [protected] and Victoria B.Valdez #[protected] so that they can make the necessary adjustments to send me the remaining copies. Although I complied with their instructions, nothing has been done. I was in and out of the country for months and had no time to follow through.

Aug 2, 2017

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