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I bought tickets to an event a 9 hour drive away from my home (I'm from Canada, event was in the US). I accepted the fact that I was buying expensive third party scalped tickets because the event was sold out (due to said scalpers), but that's a whole other issue :(

Anyway, I paid for VERY expensive tickets right near the stage. It was a delayed ticket release so I only received my tickets 72 hours before the show. The problem? They sent me TERRIBLE tickets, far from the stage.

I called as soon as I realized what happened. The customer service agent said they would call the seller to see if the "wrong tickets had been uploaded". Fine. 24 hours go by, then 48 and the seller conveniently just "isn't getting back to them".

In the meantime I booked a hotel, car, and the whole POINT of the trip was this show. The worst part? There was a table with 6 available seats, 2 tables over, but they REFUSED to help me by cancelling my order so I could but those.

I ended up in tears multiple times calling from both Canada and the US.

I ended up having to spend about 4 hours in total in stressful phone calls, re-explaining all the garbage I had been dealing with, for FRAIDULENT tickets. I wasted an hour of my trip pulled over at a truck stop begging them to cancel my order or switch it to the table that was similar. They REFUSED to help me at ALL. I wasted all my cell phone's roaming time and was almost late to the show because of this crap.

Be aware - the "100% Buyer Guarantee" means they will get you tickets 1 HOUR minimum before your event begins. That's ridiculous!

I can go on but you get the point. Oh and guess what? As I KNEW, they DID NOT have the tickets I purchased, and after harassing them for days, with only a few hours to the show time, they FINALLY gave me the transfer over to the other tickets (which were now CHEAPER THAN I PAID FOR MY ORIGINAL ORDER BUT JUST AS GOOD!) The worst part? The other 4 tickets never sold, so they put me through all that garbage for no reason.

Unbelievably BAD customer service.

PS if they won't tell you who their "seller" is, it is almost certainly VIVID SEATS so try calling them directly if you are having problems with them "getting in touch with the seller".

Avoid, avoid, avoid this company like the plague! Go for Stubhub if you have to buy third party tickets.


  • Tracy kyle's Response, Aug 07, 2019

    Should be illegal activity

Mar 06, 2017
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  • Ch
      Oct 16, 2018 - Guns N Roses
    United States

    My husband tried to purchase 2 guns n roses tickets for our 10 year anniversary and the system automatically sold him 1 ticket instead so I had to purchase my own ticket and now we have seperate seats and customer service would not even help us at all. Bad company!

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  • Jo
      Apr 02, 2019 - Tickets scam
    United States

    Charge 4 times the price of tickets before they are released

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  • Dr
      Jul 20, 2019 - mobile tickets
    United States

    This website is just a scam. "Warning" don't ever buy any ticket from this website. They charged your ticket price unbelievable high than the original price, plus they charged another extreme high fee called it delivery or service fee. Their customer service has no service. The government should have ban these kind of web site to scam people.

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  • Tr
      Aug 14, 2019 - Concert tickets
    United States

    I purchased tickets from your company! You charged me the price of 4 tickets! I can't get a person to talk to on your website! You obviously are burning people for loads of money! This activity should be illegal! My tickets say $89.50 a piece and I got charged $452! I wondered if anyone is going to help me with this problem!

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  • Ja
      Sep 17, 2019 - Tickets
    United States

    4-5x face value, not associated w venue even though it is represented as such

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