Ticketoffices.com440% markup total rip off

Its tough to really describe the feeling I have with Maybe a few choice words would be disgusted, appalled, taken advantage of, disturbed, violated, and this list could go on.

The Story:
My girlfriend mentioned she wanted to go to see “The Band of Heathens” coming to Gruene Hall. Seeing this band before, we know how truly awesome they are. I looked up the tickets a week before on their website at and listed only $20 a piece. Not a bad deal for this band and standing room only.

A week later we decided to make it happen. I was going into a meeting and told her to make the purchase. Unfortunately she didn’t know that you can just go to and purchase from there for $20. She went to the first few sites that populated from google for these tickets and landed on As soon as I came back from my meeting I asked what the final cost were as I expected some fees only to find out the total cost was $177. I thought it was a typo at first. But no, it was $177 for two General Admission standing room only tickets that should have only cost $20 a piece.

I contacted them on live chat only to find out that all sales are final and there was nothing that could be done for this travesty. All sales are final no matter what the circumstances. As I finally came to terms of this rip off I get a call from a supervisor named Hunter to talk about my chat from the night before. I think to myself, hey maybe they do have a soul afterall.

I called back only to have the IVR hang up on me several times because my call was not important enough as It was too far out from the concert date. When I finally got connected to a live person after several attempts to get through. I was told by another rep that again “All sales are final”. I explain to her the situation and how I was planning on warning the population of their business practices of such a shady company they transferred me to a supervisor Natasha. She was very sweet but then again I was told that “All sales are final”. She then offered me $25 toward my next purchase on their site if I was to feel it was fair and not take to social media about my story. I declined as I feel this story is worth more that $25 dollars.

This is a warning for anyone looking to see any kind of show. Please stay away from the online scalpers. Always go to a venues site as I was charged 440% market up for the value of these tickets.

May 01, 2017

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