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Thrive Learning Institute is a scam. My experience is very similar to all the postings that you will find on this group of scam artists.
1. They used a highly skilled, trained and relentless sales agent that used all of the high pressure sales tactics to pressure me to make a deal with them.
2. They take advantage of people that have been financially hurt and are looking for answers to their money problems.
3. They quickly put you through a "qualification" process to determine your available resources, primarily credit card related. They try and make you feel at ease by saying things like, " well it's not really your money, you are just using the credit system for a while and you will recoup all of the money from the great website you will have from Thrive.
4. The training is weak, production values poor and the information is generic, dated and available free around the Net. They refused to give me my money back. There is no real customer service, you can't reach people and there are hundreds of others just like us, betrayed, hurt and looking for help from the people that should be safeguarding us. Let's get organized and launch a class action suit and put a stop to this . I'm in Washington DC and have a number of friends in a variety of agencies who will help. Let me know if you are with me.
Peace and Prosperity!

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  • Ru
      Nov 09, 2009

    I too am a student of Thrive. I was very frustrated in the beginning, not ever having built a website, I faced a big learning curve. I enrolled in July, 2009 and it is not November, 2009 and my website is built, but I have yet to make any money. For some reason I have been assigned a designated coach and things are going better. But I wish, in the long run, I had not signed up for this course.

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  • Mi
      Nov 15, 2009

    What is your website? I hope it works out for you and you make all your money back and some. Did they give you any kind of guarantee that if after a year with them you have not doubled your money they will refund it or continue to work with you for "free" until you do make your money back. The problem with this is that you are stuck paying your CC bill in the mean time and all the web hosting fees, merchant fees, and all the other hidden fees. Please let me know how your making out with this.

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  • Li
      Dec 15, 2009

    I agree highly with any whose got caught up with Thrive. I started with them in Apr 2009 . I do have a site built as well but as of yet to see any income from it. I talked to a marketing company & they told me that the directories I am using which I had gotten from Thrive were low ranking & that I wouldn't get on the first page of google with them. I feel for the the money that was charged for this was way more than what they say that you are suppose to be able to get back from it. They tell you that you don't need any computer experience to do this what a joke. They also claim that you should be making money within a month (NOT TRUE). I feel that there are far more falsehoods about this company than truths. I maxed my card out & then they keep saying you have to spend money to make money. How you suppose to do that when you don't have any money left. So therefore you are stuck not being able to accomplish what they say you can. I feel for the money they charged it should have covered these other expenses. They also what you to do all these things that if you are dummy like me you don't even have a clue how to do them. I also feel that they should have done more of the stuff for you. As another party said you can't reach anyone on the phone. especially after get into what they call the reactive stage.

    Very upset & disappointed

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  • Un
      Dec 21, 2009

    How can these Companies get away with this type of busniess, ripping people off, I'm sure the goverment must know about it, they should be able to help us, do something to stop them.
    I too got taken and its a shame that they get away with this. With all the rip offs out on the internet, no wonder people won't buy from us that are trying to make a little extra honest cash.
    Stay away fro 3XP Web Solution too. They are just as bad, yes, They got me also.

    No more trust on line

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  • Fe
      Nov 23, 2010

    Mentor / Dave, Are you still there? We're in the DC area, as well, and would be interested in following up. These scammers are pros! Unless they face a united front - they will continue their fleecing, as disillusioned victims go off in their individual corners to lick their wounds and just fade away. Sunlight is the best disinfectant! Fenix 2 / George

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  • Lu
      Dec 10, 2010

    I fear this scam is far bigger than people realise. I nearly got conned but a bit of research showed Thrive have many companies operating under different names. The latest one i think is Paragon learning academy but they also operate under Sterling business group.

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  • Sc
      Apr 09, 2011

    I just started with Paragon Learning Academy. I thought it was sketchy at first but thought that if it does work then its all worth it. I put down $5, 580 for the for their fees. Another 3, 850 for an LLC license with a company they had call me Daeus Financial. Now I am getting scared out of my mind. They call me once a week to do the program steps. Reading all of these complaints have now shocked me to the point where I don't know what to do now.

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  • Mr
      May 19, 2011

    I couldn't agree more, I signed up for a service with a different marketing group and was later contacted by Paragon learning academy, they claimed to be a consulting firm and even had an "A-" on the BBB they took me through their qualification process and when it came time to register I just couldn't give them my credit card info so they said have a nice day and I thought that would be the end of that but boy was I wrong. A few days later I got a call from someone claiming to be from "quality control" they said they just wanted to get some demographic information as to why I did not purchase their service, I simply said I wouldn't pay that much for the service and didn't feel I was in a point in my life to make that much of an investment and he immediately attempted to belittle me by insulting me saying I lacked the ability to make an "on the spot decision" damn right I'm not going to make an on the spot decision with MY MONEY, I'm going to research the crap out of the company. Regardless I told them not to call me again and hung up, a few more days later I received another call from the same man continuing his harassment and said he wouldn't stop calling me until I gave him an answer for "demographic reasons" I had already told him I wasn't going to pay that much for consulting period. I then preceded to tell him to stop calling and he said he would not, my fiance, hearing this conversation pulled the phone from my hand told the man he was "number one" and hung up. He then called me back and I said again to stop and he claimed the POLICE where going to call me for the LANGUAGE I used! Really telling someone off is illegal now!? I then hung up and he continued to call so I turned my phone on silent and received a voice mail which said he was calling from a law firm in Orlando and if I did not call them back in the next 15-20 mins they would take legal action! I obviously didn't call back and let me just add the original number I was called from was [protected] and the so called law firm was [protected] so all that was changed was the area code. For anyone who has a smart phone you know you can change the number on caller ids with a simple app, further more I never entered any contract or signed anything with this company & simply told them off, and if that's a lawsuit, I'm sure New York would have much less people on the streets. (no offense to New Yorkers, you guys just don't take crap from anyone is what I mean) needless to say I submitted a complaint to the BBB we'll see how that goes if the company doesn't pay BBB off that is.

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  • Cj
      Jan 18, 2016

    On board completely! Now they use another name as well called EDU Consulting but when I googled the [protected] number being charged on my credit card all these complaints came up regarding Thrive. I would LOVE to nail these guys.

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