Thomasvilleidentity theft

I recently purchased furniture at Thomasville and opted for the free financing option. I completed a paper application and was approved instantly. I then asked that my social security number be removed from the application. I was told this was not possible and there has never been a problem. I followed up with the manager who again assured me that only certain employees have a key to the file cabinet and there has never been a problem. It was explained that they must keep my paper application on file for 5 years in case the credit card company has a problem. I explained the credit card company already has my information, if there is a problem, they can contact me. Manager kept insisting there has never been a problem. In this era of identify theft, I am astonished that not only can I not get my number removed from a paper application, I have assurances from the manager, that there has never been a problem and only certain employees have "a key". Basically, the manager assured me that until there is a problem, nothing will change. So just so you know, anyone with access to this particular file cabinet has access to many customer's social security numbers. If anyone has applied for credit through a Thomasville store, your social security number is there for the taking.

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