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The Ups Store Number 1519 / do not use them

1 631 N Stephanie StHenderson, NV, United States

06/06/2008 at 10:55 a.m. I walked in the Stephanie UPS to ship out some packages and I had one of them insured for $200.00. Well Carol the woman that was helping me asked me what was in the box for security reasons, so I told her that they were Frank Sinatra and James Dean collectibles and personal items which consisted of pictures of my deceased father, pictures of my sisters and me and some signed baseballs. Well her and the other woman working said how much that one of the other ladies that worked there liked them. Well right there my gut feeling was to turn around and take my boxes back. Anyways I saw her put the labels on my box and I took my receipts and left. Well the following week on the 13th my mother tells me that my boxes came, I told her to open them up. One box had my stuff in it with a broken frame which i did get money back for and the other was someone else's box with my label and their label on it. Well for the past month I have been on the phone with Corporate and with this store regarding my missing box and I have gotten no where. Corporate told me that the missing UPS box is not in the system as ever leaving that store and that I should go to the police which I have done and there is now a pending investigation. Carol called me on 07/10/2008 to tell me that Crawford the insurance company for UPS has found my box and that they need receipts now. Well of course I was mad because the word "NOW" was used when I have been waiting a month to find out something. Well Carol and I had a few words and she was not helpful at all. I called Crawford Insurance and they told me that they dont get packages at their heardquarters they just deal with the claims. The woman I spoke to was Grace and she told me that I have to call the main UPS number to find out where the missing package is. So I called the main UPS number and they told me that the tracking number that was given to me was really a return label meaning that the package never left the store. So now Im upset and furious that it doesnt seem that anyone knows what they are doing. So on Monday the 14th of July I called Carol to tell her that I wanted the package that supposingly the insurance company had. Well of course she got nasty with me and said "I'm done with you, I have been dealing with you for over a month and you keep harassing me." She is suppose to be a manager of this store and this is how she is treating me. I have not harassed her but yes I did call to find out where my stuff is which any person in this same situation would of done. Well the phone call ended I called UPS Corporate back told them what happened and they told me that there is nothing that they can do, not even reprimand her because the store is individually owned and that they can only give me $100 back because there is no record of the box being in the store meanwhile I have the receipts. I am now dealing with the police department and the Federal Postal service.


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